A few words the editors of The Thinker’s Right would like to see removed from the language, as well as a few we wish we heard more often.

Five Words to Retire

  • Racism
    • somebody making a blue joke or a vaguely, vaguely overgeneralized idea is not the violent hate that is true in humans.
  • Colonialism
    • don’t use words that you don’t understand. On that note, a bonus word: expedient.
  • Nazi
    • the Nazis were a political party and in turn, Germany’s army. They were a force to be reckoned with. The creepy looking guy on your block with the shaved head, or somebody who occasionally shares a ‘there are only two genders’ meme on Facebook, do not merit this title.
  • Anarcho-Communism
    • This was never meaningful. The two can’t go together. It just doesn’t make sense. Take it out of your vocabulary and leave it out forever.
  • Cultural Appropriation
    • Sushi? Yoga? Artists being inspired by other artists? Another vague expression used to put boxes around groups of people.

Five Words To Use More Often

  • Merit
    • the shocking belief that some people get where they are in life due to good ideas and hard work, not ‘power structures that favour them.’ Or, when the best person is assigned to the most suitable job to their skill set, for the betterment of society.
  • Competence
    • Likewise, the shocking concept that some people possess certain skills (with no relation to their sex, race or other identifying labels)
  • Evil
    • “Evil is causing suffering where suffering need not be.” -Doctor Jordan B. Peterson
  • Truth
    • Who knows, you only know when you’re not saying it
  • Honour
    • Be a good man. Be a good woman. Be a good person. Be a good dog.

-Senior Editors A. and S.

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