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If you hear anywhere that on May 15 2018, a group of “protestors” were killed by Israeli officers, then you know the article you’re reading is bullsh*t.

According to Gaza’s (Hamas-run) health ministry, over sixty Palestinians were killed in the “March of Return” campaign against Israel. Many media sources are making them out to be protestors. Here in Canada and the USA, when we think of protestors, we often picture the marches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or groups of people holding up signs, or women wearing pussy hats for some confuddled reason. THIS IS NOT THE SITUATION ON THE GAZA STRIP. These are violent riots.

The truth of the matter is that there were 40 000 disgruntled citizens and the general message was invade. It would be ignorant to the message of Hamas to say that the best case scenario was not getting into Israel to killin’ some Jews: the Israeli army did what they had to do to protect themselves. This isn’t fear mongering or propaganda – ‘kill all the Jews’ is the literal mission statement of the democratically elected terrorist government of Hamas.

This mission statement comes straight from the heart of the Quran: Mohammed’s dying breath was a call to the all-powerful to put a curse on the Christians and Jews. (“May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.” Bukhari, volume 1). There are endless reports of the invaders hurling kites with swastikas over the fence over the fence to the holy city; the tossing of Molotov cocktails, rocks and explosives at the fence. Hamas is an obvious terror organization with support from the Iranian government. (The same Iranian government who used to be funded by the USA to the tone of 150 billion dollars a year in Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal. Why do you think most expat Iranians you know refer to themselves as Persian?) Using money they’ve given them, they attempt to dig underground tunnels to gain access to Israeli elementary schools and hospitals. (It’s also worth mentioning that Hamas likes to set up headquarters underneath hospitals. Effective, but if I were inside with a bad cough I’d be pretty pissed).

There was a darkly comic interview with a representative of Hamas on NPR on Wednesday May 16, where the interviewer asked the representative what they think of the way that the Israeli media is using their swastikas as ‘propaganda.’ The interviewer, Steve Inskeep, is audibly surprised at the response he translates: “This is actually what we want them to know, that wewant to burn them.” (Also worth mentioning – there is a hairdressing salon on the Gaza strip called ‘Hitler’).

The talk of these protests being President Trump’s fault are greatly misleading – he is only following up on something Clinton, Bush and Obama planned on doing too. On YouTube you can easily find lots of footage of the last four presidents, both Democrat and Republican, claiming their intentions to move the embassy to Jerusalem – the cause of these ‘Days of Rage’ that Palestine has been living under for the past couple months. (Which is a ridiculous term right? Try what I’ve been doing with my partner, whenever you’re in a bored silence, try your deepest, growly-est Sylvester Stallone voice and call for ‘Days of Rage’.)

So much of the narrative coming from places like CNN and the New York Times is that big bad Israel is just shooting at will, killing these protestors. No, if they did want to do that, they would, and there would be many more casualties. The Israeli armed forces are some of the most formidable warriors of our time; common stones put under tremendous pressure transform into diamond. They could take out a few more of the angry forty thousand if they had order to open fire, but they didn’t, since the only duty the troops have is to protect the border.

A popular argument seems to be that the blame is of the 50/50 variety. This argument again is off the deep end and out of the pool when you look at the morality of the two states. Today, as it has been for more than seventy years now, Jews are not allowed to pray at the waiting wall in Jerusalem, since the holy space is controlled by a Muslim mosque – and this is an Israeli city. There are Israel members of parliament who want the dissolution of Israel, talk about free speech! We’ve seen what happens if Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) is ever represented on the page, and that was just in France. When it comes to who should hold power in that land, hell yeah, I’m going for the ‘colonial power’ of Israel. I say this because I’m pro free speech, peace, living Jews, women in bikinis, men in bikinis, homosexuality, representative non-Iranian funded terrorist governments, a lack of swastikas, and a lack of military headquarters under hospitals. Israel is not perfect but when it comes to who is a threat to themselves and others, like an angry drunk man with a hard past, it is absurd to think that America should not take the side of the current state of Israel over the Hamas Palestine.

Nikki Haley said it very well in defending the USA to the United Nations, saying,

“Who among us would not fight to protect their country?”

And also,

“No country would act with more restraint than Israel.”

-Senior Editor S. 


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