I’ve been one of Grimes’ biggest fans since I saw the ‘Kill V. Maim’ music video (and subsequently discovered her 2014 gem ‘Artangels’), and she became one of my idols when I read her Teen Vogue interview with Stella McCartney where she talked about how she started shaving her legs the moment she realized people were championing her as a figure in the pro-body hair movement. (Disclaimer: I don’t usually read Teen Vogue. I was playing hooky from school and was hanging out at a local library, and saw a picture of her on the cover. I read the article, then put it down immediately, before anybody noticed what I was reading).

She’s got an incredible body of innovative and exciting true artwork to her name already – I say artist over musician because I look at her work as the sum of her genius music and music videos. She represents DIY creative efforts at their absolute highest form – with her and her brother Mac Boucher essentially working as the two person crew behind her videos, and her music all being her own work. And she manages all this without ever coming across as low-budget. She discovered Garage Band while at the University of Toronto, where she was pursuing a double major in neuroscience and philosophy and a double minor in electoacoustics and Russian language – so she’s always been ambitious. Soon afterwards she dropped out to pursue her music career.

But besides her seemingly endless artistic abilities, it’s her attitude that makes her one of the biggest punks out there right now. Her ability to absolutely not give a fuck about anything, ever, is one I’ve only ever seen rivalled by Cher’s. And it’s an especially refreshing attitude in the era of social media and the risk of permanent documentation of our flaws. She lets herself be seen in and out of makeup, because she just doesn’t give a fuck if people think she looks ugly. She’s dating Elon Musk, a relationship that’s making the public tear their hair out, cause she just doesn’t give a fuck about public opinion on her relationships. She puts herself out there in accordance to her own truth, regardless of how others can take her out of context, because she just doesn’t give a fuck of what people think of her as a person. The only fucks she gives are towards her own work – she saves it for where it matters, and it shows.

-Senior Editor A. 



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