I have a couple bones to pick with the feminist movement overall, I’m hardly an avid supporter of it. But the men who claim to be are disingenuous and almost always are doing so just because they’re covering up for their own slimeyness, by being exhibitionist about their alleged ‘feminism.’ I’m not saying all men, cause you can never speak for a whole demographic, but I’m saying most of them, the grand majority of them I know, and most women I’ve heard from feel the same way too. Krystyna Hutchinson really hit the nail on the head in a recent episode of the Guys We Fucked podcast, where she brought up the (numerous and brutal) abuse accusations made against Eric Schneiderman, a lawyer who was fighting against Harvey Weinstein. She added that at her comedy shows, there would always be that one man in the room who laughs way harder than anybody else whenever she makes a feminist joke. You’re making it seem like you have something to cover up.

The twenty-four year old social worker in training who was dating my seventeen year old friend back in high school loved calling himself a feminist and loved taking his women’s studies classes, but made countless rude comments about her friends and their sexuality and proceeded to stalk her after they broke up. She had to change her phone number more than once. Most other men I’ve known who were as vocal as he was about his feminism wound up in a light like this after some time.

I can’t speak for all women, because we’re not all the same, but speaking for myself, I don’t express my opinions so that you can agree with me. I express my opinions because I want them to be heard and taken into consideration. And political ideologies of any kind shouldn’t be a bandwagon for you to jump on so you can toot your own horn. I own a ‘slay the patriarchy, end rape culture T-shirt that I wear for my own reasons (I don’t personally believe in the patriarchy, but I like the aesthetic of the shirt and I like wearing things that piss others off) that I wear to work sometimes because I like to test people. Sometimes people stare at it weirdly, but surely with every shift, some guy feels a need to tell me what an awesome shirt I’m wearing, and to tell me in way too many words how much that shirt resonates with him.

Feminism as a whole is something we want to dive way deeper into with The Thinker’s Right, so we’ll share more of our thoughts on the topic in publications to come. I don’t agree with most of feminism in general, but I particularly disagree with the overzealous male feminists, because we all know you don’t really give a shit about feminism – whatever feminism is or should be. It becomes an opportunity to make yourself look good – or to cover up your own past actions. Find a better fight.

-Senior Editor A.

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