A few words the editors of The Thinker’s Right would like to see removed from the language, and a few others that deserve to be heard a little more often.

Five Words To Use More Often

  • Extremist
    • call out excessive tendencies where they are seen. Call out the left when it goes too far (communism). Call out the right when they go too far (facism). Call out the centre when they don’t go far enough (stagnancy). Call out yourself constantly to keep your own values in check.
  • virtue
    • the recognition of all of our best qualities as what makes us our best selves
  • individual/individuality
    • People are so much more than members of larger groups they identify as.
  • Good/great/excellent/other indicators of quality
    • Personal tastes aside, objective quality is real. Give credit where it’s due when you see true excellence. “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
  • Swashbuckling
    • to engage in daring and romantic acts of heroism with flamboyance and bravado. Not only is passion a virtue that many of our young peers could benefit from, but isn’t it a fantastically underrated and underused word?

Five Words To Stop Using

  • virtue signalling
    • When you tell others they are in the wrong for virtue signalling, you are also virtue signalling. It is a self-defeating term.
  • Islamophobia
    • it’s purely dangerous to have such a word attached to such a religion. All religions need to be criticized and kept in check, but the existence of a word like Islamophobia keeps the people afraid to speak out against the dangers and pitfalls of the religion out of fear of being perceived as bigoted or racist for having their (likely valid) points against Islam
  • power structures
    • a vague term used an excuse for one’s own failures to accomplish what they wanted to with their lives by putting the fault on a series of imaginary principles that allgedly systematically forbid them from accomplishing anything outside of what they stereotypically might have been expected to do with their lives
  • pedophile
    • albeit an important word when used in accordance to its actual definition, a pedophile is not a twenty year old who dated a seventeen year old, and it is incredibly invalidating to use the word in this context as so many are these days. In Canada, the legal age of consent is sixteen, not eighteen, so sleeping with a sixteen or seventeen year old does not make you a pedophile.
  • unpack
    • this word should be confined to the action of removing one’s belongings from their suitcase at the end of a vacation. Feel free to google ‘stop using the word unpack’ to check in with the many people who have published extensive articles on why this word doesn’t make any sense to the English language and needs to be discontinued immediately.

-Senior Editor A.

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