As we are still a new publication and still trying to figure out what our publishing schedule is going to look like, we still are not sure if our hard-copy newsletter is going to be a monthly or bi-monthly publication. Because of the extensive research that needs to be done for all our issues, we might stick to the bi-monthly pace we’re running at right now.

If you’re confused about why both May and July articles are currently being published on our site, it’s because we dropped the first hard copy in May (to be found randomly about the streets of our home city, Vancouver) and started the website running in June – so we had to publish all the May content a little late while simultaneously generating our July content. Future articles should be more clear – anything published on this website with a month indicator in the headline would state that the article initially appeared in our hard copy zine. No month indicator would mean the article was just an online publication, done so because we didn’t have room in the hard copy, or the timely nature of the article required it to be published independently of the hard copy.

The hard copy zine includes a couple features not found on the website, such as –

  • The Thinker’s Right opinion statements on various topics, typically one per issue
  • the ‘Lit Kit’ (small samplings of various pieces of literature we love)
  • the ‘Out of Context’ collection of jokes and irreverence
  • original poems and creative writing
  • original illustrations

If you’re interested in ordering a copy, please send us a letter at

The Thinker’s Right is an independent, non-sponsored and anonymous publication. If you like – or don’t like – anything you’re reading here, we urge you to send us your thoughts as well, to be published here, in our zine or on our Tumblr. You can ask us questions, call us out and await our response, or even send us your articles – which we’ll publish with the minimum amount of edits necessary for publication, just touching up grammar or spelling mistakes.

We await your correspondence.

-Senior Editor A. 


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