The idea of “Democratic” socialism started with Lenin: “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism” further “The end goal of Socialism is Communism.:

The newly elected Miss Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an, almost accidental, extremist.

Her messages are vague, which should come as no surprise to anyone with historical knowledge of Socialist rhetoric; though her clear position is she thinks structures, long-implemented, are borne corrupt; and to be MORAL is to revolt against them… Did I mention that she’s a Marxist?

Before we go into what her brand of socialism means, we should look at the historical and modern consequences of the implementation of socialism worldwide. Here are the lowest approximate number of deaths by nation, not having to do with war with other countries:

USSR: 20 000 000 (Lowest possible estimate, more like 60-100 million)
China: 60 000 000 (probably more like 100 million)
Cambodia: 2 000 000 (Pol Pot slapped on the ass and sent into battle by many of the french philosophers.)
Eastern Europe: 1 000 000
Vietnam: 1 000 000
Across africa: 2 000 000 (and counting in South Africa)
North Korea: 2 000 000 (and counting)
Latin America: 150 000 (and counting in Venezuela, a socialist country praised as late as 2011 by Bernie Sanders. Their current mode to curb their starvation numbers is to stop recording them.)
Afghanistan: 1 500 000

Nazi (Nationalist Socialist) Germany: ???

(and these are only the deaths that we KNOW of, the statistics of deaths we know not of I’m sure can only be found beneath nightmares).

Today across Vancouver, a claim to be a socialist comes with little historical connotation, it’s more of a colloquialism for “I care radically.” It’s not always ttaught how communism turns always into genocidal violence and starvation on every occasion, though communism is great at the family dinner table, sharing amongst each other due to the low population, but even then. When man attempts to control the economic and social policy of the nation, i.e. become God, corruption is soon to ensue. To those with historical knowledge, a socialist trying to attain power should have at hand a volume of evidence to fill in near all the mass graves of the last century in order to not be booted.

I’m open-minded though: let’s listen to how the 28-year-old former bartender introduces herself to the nation on the Colbert show. When asked by Colbert on what is Democratic Socialism is, Miss Cortez responds:

“In a modern moral democratic society no one should be too poor to live.”

They then both harumpf and reply:

“That’s pretty simple?”

Is it? Or is it far from it.

  1. That’s not a way to govern that’s a hollow hope bribe.
  2. Which morals do you mean?  America is more divided now than at the dawn of the civil war. A lack of common goals and patriotism, as well as the dehumanization and objectification of Conservative methods, the likely causes. Which morals would she legislate? Mine? Hers? Yours? Remember: whatever the government gives, in the next minute… can be taken away~~~~~~~.
  3. America has never been a democracy. It’s always been a Republic. Democracy historically tends to last no more than a century before it gets corrupted by mob rule; with Republics there’s the last safeguard step of the individual in office to protect from tyranny with their OWN studied and elected morals. (262 years and counting)
  4. The implication of a monopoly on love is a means to dehumanize ‘the other’. Free markets have lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system ever created by mankind, because there is no governing system: there is only freedom. No economic system has ever brought as much starvation and genocide as Marxist theory. As soon as the economy turns away from governmental control living situations for the poor get drastically better, for evidence look to China, India, Thailand, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. From 2000-2012 abject poverty across the world has been cut in half.   

She continues talking about giving people free shit – usual utopian fantasies… It was her last sentence – thrown off as a given – that should give anyone the heebie-jeebies. I quote, she wants:

           “(Public Policies) to allow for people to have homes, food, and lead dignified lives”

  1. The two cities with the highest amount of rent control are San Francisco and Miss Cortez’s own New York. They also have the highest rent. The average percentage of a person’s income put towards housing has increased by 10%, despite the average per capita income skyrocketing through the years since rent caps were put in place. A survey done by the American Economic Review showed that 93% of economists on both ends of the political spectrum agreed that rent controls lift the price of housing. It’s simple supply and demand. No one wants to build, so there’s no competition for pricing, so people offer more and more for what’s already available and then there’s nowhere else to go.
  2. FOOD. Honestly, slip up or not, how dare she say this. As the Berlin wall fell the two leading socialist economists, Shmelev and Popov, wrote about what it was like running an economy, saying “No matter how much we wished to organise everything rationally, without waste, no matter how passionately we wish to lay all the bricks of the economic structure tightly, with no chinks in the mortar, it is not yet in our power”
  • How does this manifest itself? Those that have not achieved production of goods vilify those that have. They then take over the farmlands and other “means of production” and rape and kill their producers and families (See 2018’s “Farmlands” documentary).

Those who take control are equipped with nothing to run a nation’s farms and the farms often go barren. What happens next? Millions of people starve to death from scarcity of goods, and often must resort to cannibalization. After the violent revolt, total scarcity of food and produce hits the masses: stockpiles of useless products rotting while citizens starve miles away. This is what happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. even in the most resource rich countries in the world. It is currently happening to the prominent farmers under the Marxist South African regime, where war dances are nationally televised against the white farmers, their crops are going barren after the farmers excreted. Google Soviet propaganda that pleads for people not to eat their dead children. Do i genuinely think that this is what Cortez plans to put in place?

  • I do wonder what Miss Cortez means when she says she wants to push for public policies to let people lead “dignified lives”? What will these polices do to make make citizens fall in line, lead what she, a socialist, with all the historical backing of such a term, mean to come to define a “dignified” life. Arrests for hate speech? To what is seen in Britain and our Home and Native Land? The pen is mightier than the sword in the long run but this doesn’t stop authoritarians from hacking off the heads that lift above the clouds. See:
    • Mao’s Cultural Revolution; between 500 000 to 2 million dead in that short period
    • Our article Muhammad and the Jews
    • Scene 3 Act 3 of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’

What does her political staff do other than pat her on the back and tell her she’s a nice lady?

-Senior Editor S. 

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