Let’s face it. Fitness for the masses isn’t really for the masses. If you’re not able-bodied, white, attractive and straight, the world of sports and professional athleticism isn’t really for you. Isn’t that exemplified by lack of queer representation in men’s figure skating, the whitewashing of the NFL and NBA, the utter lack of body type diversity in the MLB, the fact that there are no lesbians on Canada’s women’s soccer team?

Our media is sending us a message that’s pretty clear – you don’t deserve to be healthy unless you fit society’s mold of perfection. And that’s why the Leftist Fitness Instructor is our July 2018 Punk of the Month. He’s here to open up the fitness game to everybody, regardless of their backgrounds.

His approach to physical health is mind-blowing and revolutionary – under his program, you only need to think you’re fit to be fit. Wow! Talk about something that works for everybody! At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel, and he teaches you how to feel your way into a better you. No physical labour is actually necessary for his workout program, and that’s what makes it so great for everybody. Check out his videos for today, and feel your way into a better version of yourself.

Honourable mentions for July 2018 Punk of the Month go to @decolonizing_fitness for their efforts to diversify athleticism. Hopefully through efforts like theirs, black people can realize that they too can be great athletes one day.

-Senior Editor A.


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