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I was going to write a little letter this month about the importance of not waiting until you’re forty to have your first and only child, but then this topic came to mind and I think I’ll push that one off for a little bit. I want to talk about my own political beliefs for a brief second, and provide a little more insight on where I’m coming from politically. I’ve discovered recently that a lot of the political figures I have a lot of respect for are also former Lefties, who discovered what kind of hypocrisy and evil existed within their own party, and then moved on to the side of individual freedoms. My journey was quite a bit similar, and so I’d like to share.

There’s no denying that we’re in a little bit of a crazy time right now. The economy is awful, especially for young people who don’t have financial backing from their parents. A war between the radical Left and the radical Right has broken out, and very few seem to be rebelling and choosing the side of Common Sense. Every day the news tells us we’re on the brink of destruction, at the Point of No Return – from illegitimate and overblown social concerns like transgender people using certain washrooms to sad realities we can’t ignore, like impending global warming.

I left high school and went into the Real World really hating the West. From what I could tell from everything I had been taught up until that point, the West was riddled with racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism and whatever other kinds of ism’s and phobia’s you could name. Vancouver is a ‘progressive’ city, and all my teachers hated the Right wing, went on strike over anything their union could, and had tons of shit to say about Christianity and tons of great things to say about every country besides the one we lived in and the one just south of our border. Leaving high school and jumping into the aforementioned terrible economy, I think I really believed it for a while.

As the last few years of my life threw awful experiences at me over and over again, I gradually realized that taking responsibility for my own life and my own involvement in these situations made recovering from them a lot easier for me. That was surely a calm reintroduction to right-wing philosophies for me after a lengthy hiatus. My first cue that maybe the new Left was way more toxic than they initially seemed to me was when me and my current partner became involved in a string of false sexual abuse and rape apologist accusations, and became the victims of a social media mob destined to ‘call us out’ for our actions. The accusations were all completely false, brought on by my partner’s very mentally unwell recent ex, and impacted our lives profoundly. The victimhood narrative she brought on left us no room for us to explain our own side of things and offer our own voices. We witnessed call-out culture at its worst, and it left me severely doubting my social and political allegiances for the first time.

I’d always had certain ‘right-leaning’ tendencies as far back as I could remember. I believe in personal responsibility and the rights of the individual. And while those things still seem like common sense to me, they are still affiliated with one end of the political spectrum – the one most Vancouverites are on the opposite end of – and it has caused clashes between me and most people I know for a long time now. I was accused of ‘victim blaming’ so much back in high school for suggesting individuals make better and more well-informed decisions, that I think I was scared into assuming more of a left-leaning position as a young person who just wanted to get along with others. But those feelings never faded, those initial beliefs, and after a couple years of pretending to be a Leftie due to the influence of the company I was keeping, it was getting back in touch with others who shared my pro-individualistic beliefs – and the confidence I earned through my tough experiences of the past couple years – that left me feeling comfortable in my decision to renounce the Left and start pursuing the Truth.

My co-founder behind this project sent me Jordan Peterson’s ‘My Message to Millenials: How to Change the World – Properly.‘ I was hooked right off the bat, and quickly discovered other current speakers whose views reflected what I had always felt to be true, and had lied to myself about not being my values any more – Camille Paglia, Jonathan Haidt, Owen Benjamin, and so on. It wasn’t so much a new discovery so much as it was a return to the beliefs I initially had and had suspected to be true – and it was an amazing confirmation that yes, my beliefs had been correct. I simply wasn’t hearing any speakers make their points about the rights of the individual in my community, and needed a good kick in the pants to get back to those ideals.

It really showed me the dangers of existing within an echo chamber like Vancouver really is becoming. Part of me wants to leave this city behind like never before, and pursue relationships with like-minded individuals – the likes of which simply do not exist here right now. But I would rather stick around and be the example of what ‘the other side’ believes. Because if that ‘other side’ exists here – they’re in hiding. And I would like to implore them all to come out of their shells and challenge the people around them.

Now that I speak the language of the young Left, I can engage with them well, and I’m grateful for my time on their side. I know what they stand for now, I can tell when they’re being heartfelt or disingenuous, and I know where their arguments all lead and how to counter them with facts and logic. And I will stand by my own principles, now knowing that the failure to do so is what has resulted in every tragedy that befell humanity in the past century. I’m happy to move forward as a right/Libertarian (more Libertarian than right)-leaning individual in a Western-progressive society, now that I’ve lived through my own tough times and realized what values helped me get through them – and which ones failed the test of time. There’s a reason why more people turn towards the Right as they get older and witness more of the Evil the world has in store for them, as the last couple of years taught me. You’ll all probably realize that too some day.

-Senior Editor A. 


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