(All of these facts come from a week studying the man’s autobiography as told to Alex Haley).

1. He believed that white people were created by a 6000 year old evil black wizard named Yakub.

In 1946 Malcolm X was sent to 10 years in prison on burglary charges. He was released after seven years on parole. Inside prison he was radicalized, as is common in prisons across the world. He became a devout follower of an American sect of Islam, The Nation of Islam, and their Georgian prophet a man who would call himself Elijah Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad would later be the one to call for Malcolm X’s successful assassination. The Nation taught that white people are the root of all evil in the world and the saviour of all black and brown people were the militant gods Elijah and Allah.

The world to them is completely split between oppressor and oppressed. Wherever whitey went, nothing but torture, slavery and suffering followed; black people need to rise up and get their own few states in America or something (they are constantly vague about what, if anything, would appease them). Also, it is taught that 6 600 years ago an “evil black wizard” Dr. Yakub went to an island and conjured up the “bleached-out” white race to scorn the blacks.

2. A Little Heart, A Lot of Brain

He cared so deeply about the Black Man; except for the Uncle Toms, bourgeois black, and white “approved” black. (He has admitted that the only novel he ever read while “serious” is Uncle Tom’s Cabin. A telling sign of the heartless). On a prominent college debate stage he called a PhD’d black man a nigger in front of his students, and brags about it in his memoirs. His list of Uncle Toms is extensive and includes baseball hero Jackie Robinson and Dr. King. 

Malcolm X, in his 30s, on women:

“I wouldn’t have considered it possible for me to love a woman. I’d had too much experience with women that were only tricky, deceitful untrustworthy flesh. I’ve seen too many men ruined, or at least tied down, or in some other way messed up by women. Women talk too much. To tell a woman not to talk is much like telling Jesse James not to carry a gun, or telling a hen not to cackle. Can you imagine Jesse James without a gun, or a hen that didn’t cackle?”

The words of women are useless to him. Cold. He has a similar view towards poets. Stay among men, stay hard, do not get too mixed up in love. This is the thought that leads to truly toxic masculinity; that leads to terror.

Mao proclaimed marriage as “institutionalized” rape. The Weathermen of the 70’s dissolved bipersonal relationships. They instituting Brave New World type orgies instead. Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Them) put their many wives in sacks that make their eyes insanely beautiful (then those are covered too). Thus equal enduring intimate love is done away with.

Now, this type of language towards a specific gender is not uncommon in the world, the cool ferocity. This is  also not an untemptestuous argument. Many men, especially young men and young women, have spent too much on a room in heartbreak hotel with a snake. Just as the woman next door is trying to skirt around the guy with unchecked mommy issues.

This is not a good lookout though. This brutality is the consequence of living the oppressor/oppressed lifestyle. Life is long, yin and yang, with this mindset it very often works out that when not being oppressed one tends to oppress. This is what happens when one’s god is of revenge: individuals match the violence they despise. For examples look to Shaka Zulu, the French Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, Charlie Hédo, Columbine. (The opposite man in the civil right movement probably loved woman a little too much, the serial adulterer, Dr. King).

This disallowance of the family unit, King and Queen, allows one to remain what Che Guevara called “revolutionaries” “cold hearted killing machine motivated by pure hate”. Only light drives out the darkness.

3. Oil Over Blood

It was his brother Reginald, among a few others, that introduced Malcolm X to the Nation. Reginald would go on to be excommunicated for having relations with a woman outside of marriage. Malcolm, then still in prison, “cooly” listened to his brother as he “slowly went insane”, with no one to connect to. Four years later Reginald arrived outside a Muslim restaurant Malcolm frequented in Harlem. Malcolm went to the door and refused him, since Elijah Mohammad “isolated” him. Reginald was not to be in contact with other Muslims – he should leave. His brother left.

4. He uses slavery as a blunt weapon, whacking only Whitey

For all his talks of knowledge of the true evil of slavery, he knows not half of it. The African slave trade was ended (mostly ended) by the west. The west, or “the devils,” were not even the primary buyers of African slaves.  Malcolm X was greatly concerned with “white” ideas. He wasn’t a fan. He believed Christianity to be white oppression.  It was largely Christians that (mostly) ended slavery across the world. As black scholar, Thomas Sowell, puts it:

“We may wonder why it took eighteen centuries after the Sermon on the Mount for Christians to have an anti slavery movement, but a more profound question is why not even the leading moralists in the other civilizations rejected slavery at all… [Slavery] first came under attack in Europe… the principle impetus for the abolition of slavery comes first from what would today be conservative religious activists – Today people who would be on “the religious right”.

He takes the Nietzschean idea that Christians don’t take enough of a bit out for life. Black Muslims do.   only long for the embrace of heaven (he completely ignores the 72 virgins that wait for Jihadis). Thus Christianity enslaves black Christians; also white people don’t live up to being “meek” (when he discussed Christianity in his book there’s a contradiction in every paragraph. He indicates that Jesus was definitely brown as if it’s a victory, when in fact, no one should give a shit). Christians bring slavery. The best answer for muslims is to prepare for Jihad.

Little does he know about the ARABIC slave trade.

For near a 100 years American and Europeans ships were and are stationed off the coast of Africa, in a (mostly) successful campaign to choke the Arabic slave trade, despite the general consensus there towards the slave trade being “whatever”.

Between the years of 1866-1869, 127 slave transport ships, called “dhows”, were captured by British ships; 3 380 black men, women, and children were saved. Common knowledge among the seamen were that for every dhow captured, eight escaped. The kidnappers’ dhows were able to float in the shallows. Horror story are abundant for every boarding, not just the circumstances, but the sheer cruelty of the guards sinking soft skulls.

Very common in the Arabic People trade was to castrate men when they arrived to major towns, in order so other rich worried men could have a eunuch as their harem attendant. Eunuchs were highly sought after and expensive; the kidnapped would mostly die in this transformation, but the practice was still profitable even with the losses.

More men died in the American war that ended and stopped the expansion of slavery to the Wild West then in any other war she’s engaged in in her short history.

Between 1500-1800 at least a million white slaves were taken from Slavic europe, this is the likely the root of the term “slav”. We don’t know how many were taken from Africa over the centuries.

Between the two cultures, Islamic countries have been shown to have taken larger numbers of slaves, with almost all levels of brutality surpassing the west. None of this is taught in school, yet all of it it is true and ignored. This probably comes from the intention of Christian based cultures to look for the beam in their eye that doesn’t seem to be in Islamic peoples; and besides, the OG Islamic prophet Muhammad had slaves of every variety.

If fact the slave trade is STILL very present among the Arabic upper class today, run by the wives of terror leaders! As the New York times reports:

The Islamic state has developed a detailed bureaucracy of sex slavery, including sales contracts notarized by ISIS-run Islamic courts. A growing body of internal policy memos and theological discussions had established guidelines for slavery, including a how to manual issued by the Islamic State Research and Fatwa Department.

Even in his own time, in his prime years, 1958-1964 China was undergoing The Great Leap Forward where 40 million Chinese died in work camps and in general among the population. People were uprooted and ripped apart and worked to death – sounds like slavery me to me. Malcolm doesn’t give a shit, never says a work against Red China. He even gave off a warmth to them, for they were the enemy of America.

He ignores the beam, the devil, in us all.

5. Lack of truth corrodes

It’s all about power in the Nation of Islam. It’s not about equality, it’s about war. It’s not about ending slavery, it’s about wanting white people “on their knees”. There’s 0 want for integration, that is the “devil’s” idea, chapters are dedicated to how the black man should seperate. How this separation should come is never specified and is often contradicted. Contradictions are abundant. There’s no search for new ideas, even great European philosophers Kant, Nietzsche, and Hegel are written off as Nazis by the man. The view of the white man being the root of all evil is a pure lie and it is what the Nation is based on. There is no strong structure to lies, so any hellish heat can burn holes in the home. Once Elijah Muhammed decided that Malcolm was too good at his job as spokesperson, Malcolm X, on February 21st 1965, was shot to death in Washington heights by members of the Nation of Islam. Where there is no truth there is no loyalty, no beauty. This brilliant man hitched his wagon to the wrong horse.

His dying words are words he should have followed – “Let’s cool it brothers”.

Bonus: 5 reasons why his autobiography is a good read

  1. Occasionally he lets you in on what his critics are saying about him and they’re so obviously correct in their assessments, then he writes them off like any SJW or Jihadi “but they’re bad people”.
  2. It’s fun to read about a man who is so motivated for a cause and works towards it, the man that leads a whole movement with his tongue.
  3. Leonard Cohen used to read the writings of the inmates of asylums, if you’re interested in someone enraptured with a bullshit cause…
  4. It’s a dangerously important book in Western history.
  5. It’s radical, dude.

-Senior Editor S.

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