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Pedophilia’s popularity is on the rise. Left wing activists are standing up for non-acting pedophiles in hopes that acceptance will lead to a more accepting society. Meanwhile pedophilia in hollywood is rampant, pedophilia is present in almost every institution involving kids, evil lurks. Pedophilia in the Catholic Church, though not over the average compared to every other institution in any study, is present. Just like Dylan Klebold, the follower of the two Columbine shooters, there are people up above that allow this evil to scurry around, like plagued rats, saving space by not calling out the devil by his name, and thus follow into the seventh circle of hell.

What has happened over the last weeks is unprecedented in Catholic history, and Catholic history is long and weird: the former Vatican ambassador to the USA called out the current POPE for not giving a shit that one of his buddies was diddling young men and those who he holds power over!! As a report the devil had a problem folder inches thick!! Not only that as well, our previous Pope, Pope Benedict III, defrocked him and a number of abusive priests, and when Francis got in he pulled him and more back in!!

This Pope has been rippin’ up the Catholic church since he got in office, running amuck calling out things that he perceives to be injustices in the catholic church, removing traditions calling them the usual, say it with me, racist, sexist, homophobic. But what does he not give a shit about? Abusers. Whadda champ.

This archbishop, at 77, wrote an eleven-page open letter calling for the Pope to resign. If the Pope has any honour he would have for allowing such atrocity to be conducted beneath him; the horror, the horror. How is the Archbishop so sure Pope Francis knows? He told him directly himself. The Archbishop is not in line for the papacy, being an archbishop and not a cardinal. He’s also retired. It seems the only motivation for the punk is to hold onto his own personal honour, by spittin’ it true.

-Senior Editor S. 

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