For a brief introduction before you begin exploring my works. My name is Michael Eric Hymen, and I’m a left-wing commentator and editorialist. The senior editors of The Thinker’s Right asked me to join their team, in an attempt to diversify the ideological beliefs featured on their website.

I’m here to give you a refreshing break from the bigoted and hateful nonsense Senior Editors A. and S. are pumping out right now with some tender and compassionate articles about the way people feel. Here with Decolonize This!, we will explore racism and other forms of discrimination, but especially racism, and talk about the variety of different ways we will be talking about how people get their feelings hurt. Did I mention we’ll be talking a lot about the current plague of racism in the West?

The senior editors being fierce defenders of the harmful and discriminatory first amendment, I have been given permission here to use any words I choose to and discuss any subjects that are on my mind. I will use my freedom of speech to show you how wrong freedom of speech is, and so long as you’re not a bigoted and hateful monster, I’m sure you’ll come to agree with me shortly after you begin reading my column.

Introductions aside, I will now get back to the cave where I dwell, to continue spreading the message of Justice! Articles will not be released on a regular schedule, because the fight for Justice is emotionally taxing and I must practise extra self-care after thinking about harmful topics for too long.

Looking forward to your indoctrination,

Michael Eric Hymen

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