Notes from Underground are the frustrations of Senior Editor S, as spewed from his father’s basement in White Rock.

They’re lame. They’re lame physically (weak from all their ramen and lack of protein) and they’re lame culturally, which should be a mortal sin of the punk: to be LAME.

What has maintained into the modern scene is a sense of loudness. But punk was, as I once saw in a meme, to “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted”. Is that what the greenhairs and boots of our day do? NO!

Who are the most comforted people on the planet? Those that have no responsibilities, those of us residing in the womb. In the womb nothing is your fault and all you have to do is to maintain a heartbeat.

Doesn’t a pure victim status do just that?

It does a hell of a lot more so then having a million dollars.

Most often when you can actually hear a word out of the singers mouth it’s probably something bloody about an ex that maybe called them fat once or something: they tend to always issue social justice messages. But this is not necessarily the meat of the issue. The punk scene used to strive to be new and brash; to be an affront to those who ran the culture around them.

One must remember that at the heyday of punk, punks were not espousing opinions that were being brought to the usual conversation. Our punks, of which all the women hate men and every man is working towards cutting his dick off, have the exact same opinion as everyone else – from the librarian, to their professor, to their mom (not their dad, they don’t talk to their dad), to every reporter from Global to Sportscenter, and most all Canadian politicians. In short, Vancouver’s punks are not fighting the establishment, they are the youthful megaphones of normalcy.

In a punk show there are always a few greenhairs that hound around waiting for someone to be out of line in their classroom. And everyone complies. Everyone take no offence to the nonsense.

This is not the what punk is AT ALL. Punk is The Sex Pistols, who ripped through what had been the rock scene of the day. “Nevermind the bollocks.” Punk is the decadence of the notes of Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin was unreachable to the common derelicts of society because of the skill shown in every song. Along comes punk to this airy fairy British landscape and tears the whole thing to shreds. Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison were there to bulldoze away the nonsense of the hippies.

Punk is confrontational. It’s about making something. “One Chord is good, two chords is fine, three chords and your pushing it, Four and you’re into Jazz” as Lou Reed once said. Make something YOURSELF, it’s not that hard. Stop whining, move on, the world’s not safe.

Our punks are soft. Do we really think that what a punk would like to hear would be a long lecture on gender theory? The whiner should get booted.

But, as Gavin McInnes, a true punk if there ever was one, put it:

“Punk’s not dead,

it’s conservative.”

-Senior Editor S.


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