The following is the third instalment in our long-term series ‘I’m Islamphobic, And Here’s Why You Should Be Too.’ For further reading you can check out our earlier articles in the series, ‘Mohammed and the Jews’ and ‘Islamic Artwork Doesn’t Exist.’ Featured image courtesy of CTV

Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) himself rode a magic horse, was a heterosexual pedophile, and promoted and acted out the raping of militarily captured women. This is the life in which those who follow the Islamic tradition are supposed to ascribe.

Pheeeeeeew. These articles are probably getting pretty taxing on those who read them. You gotta pay attention to this though in order to properly fight against it, should you so so choose to take up arms. I do.

Let’s just look at the way that women are treated in the Muslim world. This is fairly easy to dissect, considering there’s an entire chapter in the Qu’ran just about them. Three well-established rules are:

  1. Women are second class citizens. 50% of the population are second class citizens. 
  2. They’re not allowed to go out into public without their father or husband or brother present. With the whole cousin incest thing, maybe those two should be it TBH.
  3. It’s well-known the reason that women are made to wear burkas. It’s even VERY taboo to speak against it. The reason being that, by showing a little neck, women are asking for it. And are therefore not apart of the chosen people and their life has no value. ([non-believers] seize and kill them wherever you encounter them: We give you clear authority to do so.” Qu’ran, Chp. Women 4:91) They are the disbelievers, the kfirs, are worthy of getting it, and the only way to protect yourself against those men in the society is to wear a sack and cover up.

Linda Sarsour is one of the women that lead the Women’s March in 2016. A devout Muslim she is; and a proponent of Sharia Law. For those of you who have never heard of Sharia Law before, congrats! The Regressive Left doesn’t want you to find out about it, cause it’s awfully hard for them to defend, and doesn’t align well with the equality narrative. It’s the Law practiced in nations where the punishment for Lesbianism in gang-rape; where genital mutilation is practiced in abundance, (O! Poor miss Ayaan Hirsi Ali!). The uniform is the burka, and you’re not allowed to drive, let alone write a book about your relations with the president. This is a place where sex slavery is mainstream among those with money. This is a religion where women are more of victor’s prizes then partners. This is a land where women are considered property and not people; a phenomenon that the Western world left behind over a hundred years ago. This is a land where women are not free. More of this in our upcoming Editor’s Letter. 

Linda Sarsour, a feminist icon, praised by Sen. Bernie Sanders, once said she wanted to take the vagina away from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and that she doesn’t deserve to be a woman. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Muslim that now dedicates her life to fighting radical Islam (or just true Islam). Ali who already had her vagina taken away from her as a child.

The whole as-many-wives-as-you-want thing I find to be pretty degrading too. Maybe another reason why the Left and Islam seem to be getting along pretty well right now; the Left are too lazy to commit to one partner and want to erode society by abolishing relationships; Muslims don’t care about the well-being of women so they don’t practise healthy relationships. Both seem to be threatened by the prospect of monogamy, because it is what builds a strong and morally upright community.

As the Qu’ran says “You cannot give all your wives equal attention, but you must not ignore one and leave her in a state between marriage and divorce.” In the Qu’ran you’re also not allowed to beat your wife… unless she doesn’t listen to you. I quote; “If you fear high-handedness from your wives, remind them [of the teachings of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them: God is most high and great.”

Good stuff. Please remember that you’re never gonna be for ‘equality’ until you’re against Islam.

-Senior Editors A. and S.


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