A few words the editors of The Thinker’s Right would like to see removed from the language, and a few others that deserve to be heard a little more often.

Five Words To Retire

  • Polyamory
    • Glorified term for cheating on your partner with many other people
  • Open relationship
    • Glorified term for having your partner’s permission to cheat on them with many other people
  • Non-monogamous
    • Glorified term for being too chickenshit to commit to anybody
  • Outrage
    • Save your outrage for the times when it’s really needed. Otherwise, you’ll have none left for when the time comes.
  • Partner (unless you’re LGBTQWERTY)

Five Words To Use More Often

  • Oppression Olympics
    • the term is both hilarious, and aptly describes the Left’s race to the bottom of the barrel
  • Commies (when referring to young Lefties)
    • Call a spade a spade.
  • Value/Values
    • It’s what we have on our side that the Left doesn’t have on theirs, and it threatens them.
  • God
    • Similarly, the Left don’t have one, choosing to have a State for a God. I’m not religious personally, but I love discussing the concept of God now that it’s become such a triggering topic to many.
  • Partner
    • Ah fuck it, use it more often. If it pisses off the Left it’s fine with us.

-Senior Editor A.

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