1. She can’t remember anything about the night – not what day or year it was, not whose house it was, not where the house was.
  2. Everybody who she said attended the party have no recollection of the night either.
  3. Her family didn’t sign a letter of support for her (some more distant relatives did, mostly from her husband’s family, but not her own parents or siblings).
  4. Her grandfather worked for the CIA, and she had been trained on how to pass a polygraph test. Her ex-boyfriend recalled an account of her training one of her friends on how to cheat one.
  5. The Democrats had her letter reporting her alleged incident with Kavanaugh for weeks before releasing it. Diane Feinstein released it at the worst possible time for Kavanaugh, proving her account was being used as a weapon for political purposes.
  6. Her legal team put together a ridiculous list of conditions that the courts were to meet in order for her to testify, all set up to help her success in court.

I’ve seen in real life the repercussions of what happens to men who are falsely accused of things; men who lost friends and jobs, who were denied job opportunities, some who even had to leave their hometown cause their false accusers became so vicious, and they weren’t allowed to have a say in the situation because of their gender. Just like sexual assault, it tears your life apart. Some people deserve to have that happen to them; those who are actually guilty of terrible crimes. Ridiculous accusations like these only make it so much harder for those who actually were assaulted to get the help they deserve, and to be taken seriously.

Remember that these men who are so easy to accuse for your own political gain are somebody else’s sons, brothers, fathers, relatives, boyfriends, best friends. They are valuable members of communities. They are often community leaders and philanthropists; most men are good people. As are most women. Let’s keep relationships between men and women good and civil. Let’s drop the nonsense and the unverifiable accusations.

-Senior Editor A.

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