Hey folks,

Senior Editor A. here with a few notes on what’s coming up for the next month from The Thinker’s Right.

As we’re starting to feel like we’re approaching a solid format with several regular article series and columns, we’re hoping to keep continuing in a similar route we started going down in September. We’re planning on maintaining our pre-existing columns and series,

We’re feeling like this is a pretty strong foundation for the site, along with our regular individual articles that are published as we come up with new topics we want to explore, but will likely be starting some new series as well that will hopefully also become main fixtures here on the website. We’re currently discussing a long-term series about American culture, as well as featuring more lengthier, heavily researched and fact-based articles dissecting modern culture.

Our loud buddy Michael Eric Hymen has also decided to further involve himself with our publication, so be on the lookout for his, um, editorial stylings…

Our Editor’s Lists are almost complete too! The Blacklist, Whitelist and Graylist, our personal commentary on many of today’s important influencers, are almost complete with full descriptions as to everybody’s rankings. The Movie List, our recommended movie list, has been completed, and the Book List will be expanded on shortly, but is already available in an abridged format featuring just novels for the time being. It will soon be expanded to include works of non-fiction, poetry and theatre. The Media List, our recommended news and entertainment sources, will be available soon as well.

Our Twitter is now up and running and a little more active. It’s been a more difficult medium for us to get involved with, just because we really just don’t like the format and the culture of Twitter all that much (plus the disparaging notion that we’ll probably be shut down soon since we’re not SJWs) but we’re doing our best, and finally gaining some traction. Tumblr has been a successful medium for us since the beginning, so we’ll keep expanding on that website as well.

And, as always, we’re always happy to accept submissions from our readers. We are a libertarian organization, but we are open to any sorts of article ideas so long as they are thought-provoking, fact-based and have some heart put into them. Please reach out to us at Sen.Editor@thethinkersright.com if you feel like you have something you can contribute to us.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing back from you.


Senior Editor A.



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