Head in the Clouds is where Senior Editor S. shares thoughts, musings, and sometimes philosophy. It is not necessarily to be taken too seriously.

This is a happy story. 

Over the hill I met Maddie
And her brother was there too.
An old flame out of Newton
She met me there.
Her brother caught me with a line.
We sat back in a booth.

Oh if only I could rap this up,
A quiet meal, outside of town.
A quiet room, o meek! o milk.
All that we were looking for
Was a good way out of it
A life with this hand held
Peace of mind.

“I wanna say this this:
The world’s supposed to be my oyster.
The world’s too small.
Let me catch my breath,
I should be out there busy
Flouting, spitting in the wind,
Where there’s life for a buddy
In this pool again.”

“I wanna say this:
Won’t you live your life over,
If you could add all that blush
To that rugged cog come loose.
I know your my man;
That say about me as much as you:
Quiet boy, we’re not young.
Don’t you know it’ll get cold
up North

Won’t you want to have
Another cup, to fill you up
Don’t you wanna have someone to be there ‘till you die?”
“I’ll tell you this:
I need you for damn sure
I don’t know where I’d be
I don’t wanna end up on the pile.”

“I’ll tell you this,
You fend ‘em off
I’ll raise the army.”
Then the brother said,
“Good. This worked out, you’re gonna keep the baby.
I sure am glad you got her, for she’s my best friend.”