Peterson just did something reALLLYY sketchy. He might need to put his room in order. In case you haven’t heard yet: 

Why is he trying to tear down Brett Kavanagh as well? How does he not see this as a show trial?

There’s no evidence, every witness that she’s called for has nothing. She’s flown a couple million miles but when she’s actually need to catch a flight she’s chicken shit, and can’t name the date or the year of the actual assault? (Why is no one talking about how these rapists who are cackling during the rape, she seems to have the memory of Stephen King). The more that this was in the public, eye the more it was shown to be BS. And at the very end when it’s revealed behind a veil to be bullshit, this is when Peterson says this:

The whole second half of the confirmation process was a smear campaign showtrial. None of her allegations hold water in the next century after his long and milktoast career, and it hints with a Democrat musk.

Ya gotta think like Kant with these sorts of situations of international importance. Follow the logic, will it work eternally? Jordan Peterson has been accused of sexual misconduct in the past on several occasions on his own admission. Jordan Peterson should be defeated. Jordan Peterson’s name has been made on speaking truth to the mob. Jordan Peterson raped me personally. Rape, rape, rape.

Our culture has been lowered to the point where cops’ bosses in Toronto don’t care that a green-haired male roundhouse kicked that pro-life women. “Rapist” is now the new “racist” when it comes down to unfalsifiable claims. Jordan Peterson is complicit to tyranny with this position; it shows another scene of decay.

We are in such an upside down time right now, those who call you a racist are racist, black people are getting screamed down with claims of white supremacy, Islam is peace, Peterson is a vocal actor in a show trial. 

Peterson is in the arena of nothing.

Where man and earth do not meet, brace against the evil of nothing.

It’s time that we get to that Spanish Pipedream: get a farm, a gun and your girl. Peterson comes to town. (Can you imagine a shadow Peterson as an opponent?)

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.06.04 PM

-Senior Editor S.

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