We’ve gotten comments from our last article on Peterson’s turn. We’ve read his notes on his tweets. They still don’t hold up.

He just made a blog post to explain his tweets. In summary, he said if he was in Kavanaugh’s position, the best thing he could do for the polarization of this country would be to step down. He stands by these claims, it’s not an apology as many people online have claimed.

It’s important that we realize that Peterson DEFINITELY knows better than this. We would have to follow this logic for decades if applied with Kavanaugh. If anyone has views that a lady doesn’t like then they could easily whip something up themselves, or possible with a disgruntled ex or former employee. Weaponizing rape, somewhat similar to Boko Haram. Disrespecting and mudding the waters for the real horror of rape in the real world. And, AGAIN, Peterson himself admitted that in his past he’s had sexual misconduct accusations levied against him, and I believe that they were dismissed (since he signed with CAA, I’ve had no luck finding the talk where he discusses the issues). If we follow his logic, if he walks his talk, then he should pack up his new fancy suits and head back to Alberta. Also, he personally raped me.

It’s still important that we realize the net good that Peterson has inflicted on the world. However it’s also important that we realize that things that start out as a good thing can rapidly start going the other way, this has happened many times throughout history. It’s time we take what Peterson says with a large block of salt.

Peterson is not the same man that he was 3 years ago. He has a lot more money, power and notoriety. The company he now holds knows that they’re on a mission and he is also repped by the largest talent agency in the world. Their headquarters are a monument to such institutionalization.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.11.10 PM

In a boardroom in that building the #MeToo movement was started. A movement that started with very noble intentions. RAPE IS WORTHY OF CASTRATION. I can get over someone murdering someone quicker than actual rape. But now it’s becoming a means to destroy reputations without due process, because those that criticize it are forced to apologize publicly or are sent to the sunken place.

To find out who as control over you find out who you are not allowed to criticize


After reading his “notes” the only real thing that he regrets is saying it on Twitter. He then speaks about how it would probably better for his mental health to get off Twitter. Guess all the betrayed fans stressed him out.

No, Jordie, keep listening to your fans. You’re in the Belly of the Beast, and you’re braying.

I encourage you to read the “notes” because they show a much weaker man then we all fell for when he was out on the steps in Toronto.

He whips up some of the Left’s talking points on how Kavanaugh was dishonest on the stand, for he didn’t say that he got blackout drunk in high school. Here I think that Peterson may be projecting. Kavanaugh is a bigger man then Peterson, purely size wise, it probably takes him more to get drunk. I personally have never gotten so drunk that I don’t remember things, and I’ve gotten pretty drunk. He brings up yearbook quotes as if they matter. Boof.

Again, what we all fell for in Jordan was a man who had the spine to stand up to Leftist nonsense and in an extremely important point in American History, Peterson breaks his spine to bow. He’s now trying to retain those of his fans that would still follow the straw man that he has now become. HE bows now because his spine has left the building.

-Senior Editor S.

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