Kanye is the Bard of MAGA.

“This is what happens when negros don’t read.”

-Some guy on Don Lemmon’s show, CNN

“I felt like I was sitting in on a psychiatric visit.”

-Some old white lady liberal, Representative Jackie Spear (D), CNN

“‘Racism can’t control me!…It’s an invisible wall. How can that stop me, I’m Superman.”


“What I saw was a minstrel show today. (Kanye) embarrasses Americans, mostly black Americans.”

-Don Lemmon

Kanye has been a bad little n*****, as Don Lemmon may have more bluntly put it.

The vitriol that has come out of the mainstream media has been incredibly toxic towards a man that should be shown to be a pretty good representative of the black rags-to-riches story. West is the embodiment of the American Dream. The disrespect of this man with such a high pedigree in every venture he’s gone into really shows the intolerance of the mainstream media. The man has earned a right to heard.

Out of a fatherless household,

“What good was handed us, fathers abandoned us.”

-“We Don’t Care”

Kanye worked menial jobs and spent hours and hours at home with records as a college dropout, and then made albums that have predicted the way rap was heading on almost every release. In 2004, the rap game was tough and serious. Kanye levied it with humour. Then came in rappers like Slim shady and others (I know little about rap, but enough). With Yeesus he predated the industrial nature of modern trap rap, and everything flowed from there.

Kanye is a danger to the Democratic hold on the black community. A lot of what Kanye says is true, and is backed by the work of Thomas Sowell. Kanye preaches about how the black community is devastated by welfare – a disastrous truth! As Sowell put it;

“The welfare state did what slavery never could, it destroyed the black family.”

The black and white crime rates were nearly on par before the introduction of welfare. Now, nearly half of all murders in the country are committed by black men, despite only making up 12-14% of the population. There is a horrible rape rate among black communities. 78% of black boys grow up without fathers, leaving them fools to good men. Kanye is the only mainstream star talking about this, and the Democrats hate him for it. They need blacks to stay in the sunken place and obey. Let’s not forget that is was the DEMOCRATIC party that was the party of slavery! It was founded by Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson!

Kanye is now speaking for the section of the black community that does not abide. This community holds some of the best speakers of our day: Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Colion Noir, Eric Nimmer, Clarence Thomas, to a lesser extent, Candace Owens, among others.

There is a dangerous mindset that these people are fight against. It’s the same argument that was used in attempt to keep the slaves off the payroll. They won’t be able to survive on their own, they’re too stupid and lazy.

Now it’s important that we do realize that there is a prevalence of disdain towards education and work in this community. As Thomas Sowell points out, this is mostly from their integration with white redneck culture in the South. But at the same time, from the times of slavery there had been very refined, educated and extremely respectable (deserving of respect) black men and women that had accomplished many great things for the country from the formation of the Union until now. Frederick Douglas’s autobiography is a friggin sweet read yo.

Republicans are the “racists”, they’ve claimed of everyone from Donald Trump to Nixon to Reagan to Ben Carson to Thomas Sowell to Candence Owens to Mitt Romney (“They wanna put y’all back in chains” – Joe Biden) and really anyone that’s not willing to castrate themselves to the Donkey gods.

Again, let’s look to what is actually happening because of Democratically supported political parties. The black community can’t stay out of jail, they are killing each other at a rate of about 9000 young men a year, 60% of black conceptions are aborted (Planned Parenthood was founded by an ACTUAL white supremacist), and whenever anyone steps outside the left-wing “ooo these poor useless people” talking points they are immediately hit with every slur in the book. Uncle Tom, the infamous word that starts with an N, (Malcolm X writes proudly about calling disagreeing black men this in his autobiography; Snoop Dogg did it to 0 mainstream condemnation), minstrels, coons, traitors, and embarrassments. It was the Democrats were the one that implemented the extremely racist “one drop” policy, one drop of black and you were black. This is not present in a place like South Africa, where those of mixed blood aren’t black or white, they’re unwelcome. These racial lines, these racial obsessions lead to South Africa. There’s no threat in one’s white card being revoked. Which I imagine is very similar to being revoked your assigned number.

The Left of course doesn’t attack his points because even if they say them out loud then they call the devil by his name. Instead they spew venom. Besides spitting all the names listed above they have contacted the Ray J, the man who had made a sex tape with the mother of his children a decade or so prior, they had attacked his dead mother as well as insisted on every level that this rags-to-riches multi-millionaire artist-entrepreneur is insane. These are the tactics of evil guys.  

I’m so happy that Kanye has stepped up like this. Despite what you may hear, people listen to Kanye. He’s a major figure in out popular culture, similar to Trump in many ways. I’ve never been a big fan of their relationships towards women. Listening to Kanye’s albums make you want to make sure that your daughters have good male role models to aspire to become one with and not have them used as Hoes or used as weapons against their husbands. Also take a shower.

“F*** your Hampton house

I’ll fuck your Hampton Spouse”

They both ascribe to the toxic primitive masculine ideal of “spread your seed”, which is just not the best choice for the world moving forward. You’ll find about a dozen or so of these remarks on each album. This sort of thing is very depraved and causes lasting suffering when it happens, and I think should lead to duels. Trump also brags of such things, enjoying sleeping with his friend’s wives. These are very depraved actions that aline with the warfare tactics of Boko Haram. But hey, as George Orwell said,

Artists should be allowed as much misbehavior as a pregnant woman.

But this is not a male honour beauty contest. The un employment rate, not the welfare rate, is the best it’s been for the last 60 years: Trump is not the enemy here. This is a culture war and if these guys are the only ones with the balls to tell the truth right now at such a high level, then they are men to be respected. They both are tough men telling the truth in times of lies; they are a threat to the socialist way of life; therefore, friends of liberty. And while these deplorable elements are real, the message they are sharing is more important than the kinds of people they are in their personal lives.

Viva la resistance!

-Senior Editor S.


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