Featured image courtesy of Slate, who sadly did not post it ironically… Fascist tactics, claiming to take a stand against fascism? Hmmm…

If you think women in the Western world are still oppressed, congrats! You probably watch too much CNN!

Third wave feminism is a joke to most for this reason, among others. It starts with the notion that the Patriarchy is real and doesn’t want to see women do anything outside the homestead, and then tosses in a bunch of poor economics, weird double-standards, conspiracy theories and mental gymnastics. Yet some people still scream about the wage gap and their right to hairy armpits (as if it’s a legal right to be fought for). If you’re among the few who still think of it as an honourable social movement, you’re probably not aware of what the movement really stands for.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key issues modern feminism targets, and why these things shouldn’t be lumped in with the historic struggle that liberated women from actual oppression.

“Body Positivity”

What body positivity should actually mean:

  • Don’t make fun of others’ bodies – be generally nice to others, something we learn in the first place
  • Be kind to people with disabilities and help them when they are struggling
  • Scars, birth defects and other things you can’t change are also okay
  • Treat your body like you love your body – feed yourself nutritious foods, get enough sleep, drink enough water, get good exercise

What body positivity means to third wave feminists:

  • “You’re a bad person if you don’t want to listen to me talk about my period, or see period blood”
  • “If I’m overweight and you’re not attracted to me, it’s because of your heteronormative and oppressive beauty standards and you’re a bad person!”
  • “Look at my blue armpit hair! LOOK AT MY BLUE ARMPIT HAIR!!!”

And so on, and so on.

Third-wave feminists have also coined the phrase ‘fatphobia’ to suggest that discriminating against fat people is just as bad as discriminating against everybody else. I couldn’t disagree more.

I think it’s incredibly crazy to liken something like weight-discrimination to say, racial discrimination or homophobia, because weight is something you can control and you can’t control being black or being gay. Making any link between the two is a massive logical fallacy. Being fat comes with a lifetime of self-inflicted consequences, and nobody should be even asked to uphold your lifestyle decisions as honourable when they are leading to a premature and avoidable death.

Think modern Feminists aren’t glorifying obesity? REMEMBER THIS RECENT COSMOPOLITAN FRONT COVER!


“Wants the haters to kiss her ass.” Classy words about the only lady who ever had to be photoshopped in order to fit onto a magazine cover. Steven Crowder did a good bit about her too, worth checking out to provide a male perspective on the issue (that I can’t personally offer).

And don’t start with ‘well some people are just fat and they can’t help the way they are.’ That’s maybe a tiny, tiny percentage of the population; it’s certainly not the over sixty percent of Americans who are overweight or obese. Maybe it’s a handful of people with hormonal or thyroid conditions, but even then I know many people with those conditions who still care for themselves and look good. It’s a lack of self-love, self-respect and self-discipline. ‘Fat acceptance’ is death acceptance, plain and simple, and nobody should strive to be so inclusive they’re okay with that kind of self-abuse.

Acceptance of Islam

Third-wave feminism allies itself to Islam instead of taking a firm stand against the single worst thing that has ever happened to the plight of women in the world; defending a woman’s right to wear a full-body veil that reveals only her eyes (if she’s lucky, some women are forced to cover even their eyes) and remaining silent on regular horrible occurrences in the Muslim world like female genital mutilation and honour killings.

This still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, that such a connection between Islam and radical feminism exists; but it clearly does. My guess is they see Muslims as their oppressed ally against the Evil White Straight Male, He Who Holds Them Down.

The strange alliance proves that feminists don’t really care about women, because if they did, they wouldn’t waste a second talking about their right to talk about their period in public. They’d be fighting to protect the rights of women in the Middle East and to ban sexist Islamic practises in the United States, Canada, and Europe – which are still scarily prevalent. The WHO reports that more than two million girls living today have been subject to genital mutilation, in the most severe cases, having their entire vagina removed, leaving only a narrow hole for urine to pass through. Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her book describes that you can tell who’s a virgin and who isn’t in Islamic countries from the sound of women peeing, since FGM restricts affected women who are virgins in their ability to release urine. Anybody who truly believes in the welfare of women must denounce what this religion teaches as acceptable in its very gospel.

See also – Islam and Women: I’m Islamophobic, Part III

The Strange Manipulation of Motherhood

Second and third wave feminism are both guilty of putting a woman’s needs first and above everything else. And so long as you’re single, I think that’s a fine attitude to have. But when you have kids, things change. And second and third wave feminism continue to put the needs of women above all else, even the needs of their own children. Third wave feminists have a heavy disdain for traditional motherhood; yet become vehemently angry whenever a mother’s judgment is questioned (while being generally anti-dad, as dads are seen as tyrannical beings that indoctrinate their children with ‘gender norms’ and ‘patriarchy).

Kids need a mom and a dad. They don’t even need to be male or female; they just need to have a “mom” and a “dad.” The mother represents soft love, unconditional love; the father represents tough love. So long as both are represented, likely your kids will turn out fine.

But forms of alternative parenting are becoming popular, and they replace the best interests of the child with the special interests of the parent. Like choosing to be a single mom and not having good male role models in your child’s life because you don’t like men and masculinity, and you don’t want them to learn from it. Or raising children in polyamorous situations. These instances might seem ‘fringe’ at the moment, but alternative means of parenting are definitely on the rise, and becoming increasingly popular in cities like Vancouver. Knowing your mom and your dad here is becoming a bit of a strange phenomenon, instead of the norm of the tried and true standard family model.

You’re not supposed to ever question a single mother’s decisions for how she raises her child under our current cultural climate. Online I’m always seeing people screaming at others, ‘how DARE you try to tell ME how to raise MY child!’ This mentality treats children like the property of their mothers, not as their own living beings. If you see bad parenting, you should feel free to call it out – it’s in the kids’ best interest, the parent’s interest doesn’t matter here. It’s irrelevant to me that ‘being a single mother is hard.’ I’m sure it is and I’m not questioning that. But it can’t be used as a tool to shut down conversation when you’re objectively not doing what’s in your kid’s best interest.

Other forms of alternative parenting we’re seeing that are incredibly damaging is the notion of raising your children without gender – like ‘theybies’ or letting your young children transition. Or just telling your young boys to act more like women and telling your young girls to act more like boys, when such might go against their natural instincts. I don’t think a child should ever have toys taken away from them if they’re not gender-typical, likewise, you shouldn’t force your children to be gender atypical if that’s not what comes to them naturally. The science is clear that most children who experience dysphoria when they’re young outgrow those feelings in puberty. As for raising gender neutral children – you’re only denying science and causing the same dysphoria you allegedly want to avoid. Check out the work of Doctor Debra Soh for great information on gender dysphoria and children.

The Rejection Of Science

We call it “feminism,” yet “There are no biological differences between men and women,” “gender is a social construct,” “gender is a spectrum,” and “there are seventy-two different genders.” (Or worse – there are “infinite genders”).

None of these points make sense and can be blown over easily; yet modern day feminism alleges all these things to be true, even though that flies directly in the face of science. Ask any evolutionary biologist – gender is real, women and men are different by nature, and evolved this way out of necessity for the survival of the species.

That’s not to say that women and men are decidedly a certain way, and that there’s no way out of that; that gender differences are absolute. Nobody believes that; there are, of course, exceptions to every rule. But there are rules of what separates men from women, in terms of personality, temperament and how their gender and hormones will influence their lives. These differences are present in women and men from every part of the globe. Jordan Peterson (a literal expert on the differences between men and women) says what’s true of “women” is true for about 75% of women, and the same goes for men.

Manly women exist. Girly men exist. Transgender people exist (I think the popular conversation being held around them needs to change; but I do believe that there are legitimate transgender people alive in the world). This in itself proves that gender is a real thing – that people can feel so strongly about gender, they express it differently and can want to change theirs. There should be no shame in this acknowledgement; certainly not to the point where we want to claim all gender is toxic because you yourself don’t fit perfectly into either box.

Identity Politics and Intersectionality

Intersectionality is nothing but a formula used by the Left to determine who wins the Oppression Olympics. No group is more entitled to an opinion on anything else more than anybody else – a fact is a fact, and facts can’t see race or gender. A fact doesn’t suddenly become more or less true because of the person who is speaking it.

The most regressive among the Left insist that white people should treat people of colour and especially women of colour according to their race; saying whites should assume they have difficult lives because of their cultural background and resulting oppression, and that we should accommodate them specially. Doesn’t this seem kind of, uh, sexist and racist to you? Making assumptions about how difficult somebody’s life is, and then treating them in a certain way because of it? Hmmm. Really makes you think.

e book 1

Yep, that’s a real article. Nope, it’s not being taken out of context; the headline really is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Intersectionality also calls for equal representation of men and women, and people of colour based on the population of an area, in all (good) fields. Where are the women in business management, where are the people of colour in the local underground punk scene? Why isn’t our government 20% white men, 20% white women, 20% black men, 5% asian women, yaddah yaddah yaddah? (Note how nobody talks about the importance of hiring more Native American women in your local plumbing company).

See, the problem with this is that it assumes equality of outcome is what we should desire our society to look like; that all fields should be represented like this. This would require a destruction of culture. You’ll note people of certain demographics being more drawn to one line of work or another, that’s because culture puts value on different aspects of the economy. We see prevalence of Middle Eastern people in journalism, South Asians in medicine, East Asians in tech, for instance – all good, admirable fields of work their culture respects and influences them to work in. This, of course, is entirely due to cultural practises and not race. Women and men, being fundamentally different, tend to be drawn to different career choices as well: Women like people, and men like things. When men and women are given equality of outcome – that is, they have equal opportunity to make their own choices in life – we tend to see the differences between sexes exaggerated further. This equality of outcome radical feminists talk about would require some tyrannical practises to force individuals into jobs they don’t want, undermining their cultural values and natural instincts according to their gender.

The Gender Pay Gap

I don’t feel like honouring this one with multiple paragraphs; just recap the infamous Cathy Newman interview, or some writing of Thomas Sowell.


Unconditional Self Love

Self-love is a good thing, but it’s something that should be earned. You shouldn’t love yourself unconditionally, all the time. Sometimes we screw up and do really bad things, and we should be angry at ourselves and hold ourselves accountable at those times.

We should like the people we are, and treat ourselves and our bodies with respect. But unearned love doesn’t get anybody anywhere, and automatically loving yourself for the sake of loving yourself breeds laziness and a lack of discernment between your good actions and your bad actions. You should constantly be fighting to be the best version of yourself; to become the person you do love unconditionally. If what you are is an unproductive and unloving member of society, you shouldn’t just accept yourself the way you are. You should strive to turn yourself into something to love. Just loving yourself no matter what can only make you stagnant.

Now, at the end of the day, I support a woman’s right to do whatever she wants to do with her own life. Women can do what they want to do, and think what they want to think. I might judge them for it, but that doesn’t matter. You’re free to do you. I say this because I am for actual gender equality; modern-day feminists who put themselves above their families and above men while disregarding Muslim women and science are not. They disregard reality, and that can only lead to misery.

-Senior Editor A.

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