Imagine if there was a surge of young male athletes, big strong frustrated guys, who looked up to Hall of Fame former Buffalo Bill runningback O.J. Simpson. If every piece of his writings were spoken of in extremely reverent tones, or else. A whole society based on “If I Did It” and, his upcoming title, “How to be a Man and Control Your Many Wives”.

It wouldn’t be completely nonsensical. OJ Simpson has done a lot to be looked up to. OJ Simpson covered a lot of ground in his time. He was picked first in the 1969 NFL draft, the highest court in the land, first round first pick number 32 out of the USC. He played in a completely different era from now. The Juice was the first person to rush for 2000 yards in one season, back when seasons were 14 games and not the current 16. He averaged 143 rushing yards a game that season, to give people some context the Detroit Lions recently ended a seven year spell of not having a game with a single hundred yard rusher.

Then OJ started killing people.

This is how I see a lot of Muslim men. Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) was pretty peaceful (kinda) in the beginning of his religious career, then he too turned sour.

I admit I’m a little biased, I have values that I apply to those who are leaders. Values that I believe to be self evident. Like one should not:

  • murder
  • lie for religious warfare
  • rape
  • have sex with nine year olds.

The major difference between the two prophets is that OJ only killed two people, his wife and his wife’s lover. He also lied to cover for himself. Not great. A little too Old Testament for yours truly, but I can wrap my twisted head around it. Their woman  in the arms of another man, the stuff of Irish folk songs and Andy Dufresne.

Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) has lead to the deaths of civilizations!! Wiping out whole tribes of those nerd jews with his own hand, with his own army.

The Jew of the Banu Quizera tribe fought off Muhammed for three weeks to little avail. The town was gathered to discuss what should be done with the invading horde.

It is written their three options were thus:

  1. Reject the Torah: rip your heart out of your chest and beg and bow and kiss feet for a merciful dead replacement.
  2. Kill all women and children and fight to the death. The chances were weak for survival and the fear was there of rape and pillage, the men were maybe a little too protective over women here.. (the Banu were a later tribe of the quests of Muhammed. For instance, at the battle of Badr in 624 AD, Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) is scribed to have gotten his men to toss the bodies of his enemies down the mouth of a deep well, his men also cut off the limbs of survivors in the town they were raiding that year, Mecca. (worth noting this is where Mohammad (Praise Be Unto Him) got his magic sword! The sword of Dhu al-Faqar, “the most famous sword in Islam” which he “ripped out of the body of a pagan”). I do not want to speak of the treatment of women as prizes of war. Imagine an invading force that is half you growing out of the womb of a woman you love, mother, sister, daughter, wife.
  3. Take Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) by surprise. The only was this could be done would be to attack on Saturday, the holy day, the Sabbath.

None of these options were taken, how could they? What would they be fighting for?

The Jews of Banu Quizera were pillaged: the men beheaded. There was no scruples in Mhammad’s (Praise Be Unto Him) invasions. So it is written “with what the right hand possesses”.

Do not forget that it is by the swords spears and teeth of Jihadist armies that Islam has spread. You read about Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) and his successors in Military history textbooks alongside Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler. Violence against non-believers is a central tenant! Carved in stones of the Quran and the Hadith; preached from Meccan pulpits!

I distrust those who find their heros in monsters.

-Senior Editor S.


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