Sick of watching the PC narrative consume Halloween, but don’t have any good politically incorrect costume ideas of your own? Take one of ours.

1. Blackface

No, don’t do blackface. Wear a giant cardboard cutout shaped like a face, painted pitch black. Go as a literal black face that in no way looks like a black person.

2. A niqab

If people tell you it’s a great costume, you can tell them to fuck off cause it’s your religion, not a costume!

3. A niqab with a twist

Like a giant cutout in the chest revealing a fake set of novelty boobs, or even your own if you’re feeling risqué.

4. A ghost

I know they already did it on South Park, but it never gets old. Get really, really defensive whenever anybody tells you you look like a member of the KKK, saying you’re just not great at constructing costumes.

5. Elizabeth Warren

That Native American costume that was deemed too racist for you to wear? Just wear it, and say you’re going as Liz. She’s whitey white white, so if they get mad, tell them who they should really be mad at!


6. Hitler

…but creative Hitler: Dress up as Milo Yiannapolous, and if anybody calls you out, tell them you’re ‘literally Hitler.’

Look suggestion

7. A late-term abortion

Good for those whose sense of humour can be rather macabre; a big bloody baby, maybe holding up a guilt-inducing sign.

8. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A fun roleplay, just dress up in expensive clothing, carry around an iPhone and a Starbucks drink, say “yeah, like” more than you say other words, and maybe wear googley eyes glasses.


I mean, it don’t get much scarier than those eyes.

9. Mattress Girl

Really make a statement this year by carrying a mattress around to all your Halloween parties! Also great for if you just need to crash somewhere after getting too drunk.


10. Jesus Christ

Jesus triggers the hell out of the left, and the fundamentalists on the right wouldn’t be too impressed either, so for the natural-born contrarians, this is perfect! Make everybody angry this Halloween with a Jesus Christ costume.

-Senior Editor A.

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