Tommy; the Jesus Punk.

I heard there was a secret court

Where journalist weren’t allowed to report

but you don’t really care for freedom, do ya?

It goes like this, without the 5th

The gavel falls and they cuff your wrists

It’s not ok

This is how they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

But Tommy has been here before

He’s seen his room, and he’s walked this floor

Last time they tried to kill him

but he endured ya

They need the voice for the growing state

And won’t stop who their voters rape

And it’s not ok that this is how they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

There was a time the press let you know

Who is really coming to your shores

but now they don’t tell the story ever true, yeah

The State tries to say, “Tommy has racial hate”

but really it’s a fear of a Calliphate

And the State says “No! Take it! This is how we rule ya”

How we rule ya

How we rule ya

How we rule ya

How we rule ya

Pedophiles are celebrated

While Tommy Robinson was incarcerated

But you never seem to care for children, do ya?

The grooming gangs moved in on you

And the kids looked up to you for truth

Please don’t just say

“Baby, this is how they now rule ya”

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

How they rule ya

-Owen Benjamin & the Bears

Tommy’s a true hero of our day. Legendary like the Western Sheriff of Western mythology, the Wyatt Earps that drive those who deceive and who are bad to women out of town. What Tommy does is make sure that rapists and pedophiles get into jail. The reason that the Left hate him is because most of the rapists and pedophiles of England are Muslims, and Tommy points that out.

The Sikh Nation in Britain compiled all the rapes, gang-rapes and pedophelic rapes that have been done by recent Muslim immigrants. They called up 174 cases; over half a dozen years of horrific crimes against very young native girls. Imma say that 95% of everything I’ve ever read about Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League has been bullshit.

There are so many false or half true attacks on Tommy. He was arrested for assault once, this is true. What is not told is that “assault” was a punch of an ACTUAL White supremacist that had tried to take over a rally that good ol’ Tommy was running.

That is Tommy of old now. Tommy has been through hell for the last several months. Because of a shamelessly stirred-up charge of contempt of court, Tommy has been breathing in solitary confinement. Locked in a dark cell for days and days and weeks and months only coming out to walk around in a larger cell for two hours a day. In prison he lost 50 pounds, and not from exercise. All he was able to eat for those lonely months were canned tuna and some fruits. The cooks of the kitchen were fellow Muslims who would often come to the small window at the top of the cell and yell in taunts. “How’s it taste Tommy?” or even just cut out the middleman and throw shit inside. This happened a few times according to the man in the cell. This is a gross subject to talk of. The gross subject of political prisoners in Britain.

Now Tommy is out. Tommy has been out now for about a month and he’s been re-charged twice for charges relating to the contempt of court previously mentioned. Hard, hard hard, these Brit self-flagellating cats just can’t help but not like rude people in court that weren’t actually in the court but outside the court filming (probably) pedophile rapists saying alleged all the time. The crown just can’t take the fact that their “Multicultural” ideals have failed horribly. In the West we have respect for women as individual, in Islam they’re about half a person. That’s why in order to have a rapist convicted you’d need 8 women but only four men.

Tommy, like diamonds forming for the weight of the world on their shoulders, has emerged from the darkness with a new vibe. He is no longer the blue collar warrior, the working class hero. He’s honestly taken on a religious sort of martyr vibe. He’s gone out into the desert for forty days and has come back accepting that he’ll probably have to die for his country.

This gives him such freedom no matter where the world warps him. The only fear is that his daughters won’t have a Tommy as a Dad, but they will have the sane side of Britain, and if need be, they have a place to crash anytime they come out to Vancouver.

In the coming months, maybe years, we will either see Tommy alive or dead. Either way he is a symbol of both resistance against the strong man Sharia Law, and the hatred of the poor, spiteful motherland of soy-boy politicians that have gone way over their heads.

The most worrisome notions about the whole process to me is the silence.

It’s worth noting that the other group, that not to the same extent, where there is a prominence of pedophiles is the British elite. It is a very harrowing journey, but it is worth looking into the life and works of Jimmy Sevile. A man convicted of raping eight little boys and girls in his work with the BBC alone, and very probably alleged of a much darker ring going through much of the aristocracy.

It is dark times that we here at the Thinker’s Right fight against. Times and evil that Tommy stands against. Times and evil that he is willing to die for. The protection of what is good and innocence from those who really seem to be good with rape. Tommy is not racist, Tommy is not a far-right extremist, Tommy is a good man carrying his cross through the fallen state of British bureaucracy. If you think I’m going too far, listen to the British people!

Hallelujah, Tommy’s free at last!!

-Senior Editor S.

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