This is the most absurd topic of debate for the last year and a half. The only more off-the-reserve topic was, Should we deport illegals that have committed crimes? How are we not thinking straight on this?

The situation is this: Thousands of people from mainly South America have begun a march to get past the Mexican-American border. They were organized by the corrupt Left. These people come from areas of great poverty and very high crime rates. They are 80% young males. These are not refugees. Refugees must seek shelter in the first country that they hit after leaving their own, as defined by the (relatively useless) United Nations. 

There are criminals in the Caravan. Guatemalan intelligence warns us of members of MS-13 coming up in the caravan, whose literal slogan is “Kill, Rape, and Control.” How Jihadi of them.

And the Caravan has all my friends!

How could there not be criminals among the thousands from such countries, from any country? If the plan is to let in thousands of people near unchecked at a time, you’d have to be a pretty stupid criminal not to try and get in on that action.

No, CNN, no one thinks that they’re all criminals; other then the fact that the first thing they plan on doing on American soil is trespass, and the next is edge out American labourers out of a job. It is worth noting though that these people do come out of extremely violent countries where young men are taught that they have to be willing to kill in order to survive. Such lessons DO NEED to be taught in such dangerous places, thus creating very tough dangerous morally shaky men (City Of God is a great movie about this by the way) but to put that mindset in a population of relative peace can easily tip our already shaky scales to violence that ANTIFA can not reach.

Most of what the Democrats are saying about the migrants right now is very similar to the messages that the European politicians put out when they let in millions of Muslims from Pakistan, North Africa and the like.

“Why are you doing this? You’re tearing at the fabric of our nation? We’re wasting money that we don’t have, there are so many problems we need here now, why are you polluting our country with human beings that have no respect for our laws?”

“We do it because we can. We don’t really care about your problems.”

They will not come here and work “jobs that Americans don’t want to work”. The economy is doing STELLAR right now, I know, but work is still sparse out. These high-class elites, I’m sorry, have probably never worked with their hands landscaping or some such. Jobs labouring are seasonal and competitive, and a lot of people doing the hiring for stuff like this is are often as broke as the person that they’re hiring. People will go for the lower price, and when one is undocumented then they are able to work well below the minimum wage, while a citizen can not. Poor people from poor countries will work for a lot less than poor people from the US. This is already happening with the 30-60 million illegal immigrants already residing in the states. Basic low to unskilled labour jobs are being lost, and the Democrats welcome that.

I do not understand. It can’t be compassion through and through. That excuse can only be excused for the first minute or so of thinking, then logic and compassion for one’s own countrymen must pull through. Is it that these people hate America and just want to see it burn? If we let them in, does this not set precedence? The next time a large group of people run towards the nation, must we let them in, no questions asked?

There are 4 million people trying to get into the country legally right now. It is a difficult process I’m sure, as it should be. If you were holding a dinner party and your friend wanted to invite someone into your house, you’d ask them if they were cool. It’s that simple. There are thousand of Americans who are dedicated to getting cool people into the country, thousands come in legally every year! They can get in with a little elbow grease into the greatest country the world has ever know.

This was the response of Mike Pompeo:

Come here legally.

Don’t let anyone cloud your judgement. The more insidious answer to why the Democrats want illegals in is because of the votes they can give. Multiple prominent Democrats have been lobbying for this.

This is not fear-mongering. The Left have this funny tactic: When you call out what they’re doing you turn into a “fear-monger.” If you think of all the crazy shit they pull now, and compare it even from the early Obama administration, things have changed towards insanity. O! But what about the children? Why are they making them walk across countries with the flimsy hope of charging a secure border? 2500 miles there and, presumably, 2500 back.

I don’t think that these invaders will make it past the southern borders. Trump has announced plans to send the National Guard to help out the border control, as one would do if the Huns were at the gates. He’s also threatened to lessen aid to the migrant countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador (all countries with, unfortunately, very high murder rates).

The Democrats are the party of the elites and the pathetic now. Harsh words, I know, but honestly, I really have no other way of putting it when they go to such huge lengths to be vicious, classist and overall ignorant to the way things will work themselves out with the conditions they propose. Tribal war is what they’ve been calling for since the time of slavery. This is will not be a winning strategy. Immigration is a winning issue. Spinning false narratives works when the boogyman is elsewhere but when they can easily see an abundance of job-stealers, it’s hard to believe in bullshit; and bullshit reigns in the Democratic party.

-Senior Editor S.

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