This article was submitted to The Thinker’s Right by John Lyes. Cover image courtesy of Times Colonist. 

Say what you will about the practices of resource management but BC was built on mining, forestry and fishing. Our resources are why this province has attained such substantial growth, particularly in the past thirty-years.

However that is about to change thanks in part to the unholy marriage between the NDP/Green Party; an alliance that offers no real advantage to either side, let alone for BC in general.

Cakes are meant for eating, crumbs and all. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be good for you. Take for instance the recently befuddled Keystone pipeline fiasco, wrought over the coals by BC Premier John Horgan who was forced into a corner by his comrade of the bran muffin brigade, Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. Why should we worry, you ask? Considering that this alliance is nothing more than well-orchestrated illusion on the voters, there is an underlying theme here: one part socialist agenda mixed with a generous helping of tree-huggery environmentalism wrapped neatly inside a syrupy-sweet public profile.

(For those not from around here – The Cite C damn is a contentious issue in our province. The NDP has flipped on the issue a number of times and the same goes with it’s other environmental outing, the Keystone Pipeline. The project would cost taxpayers A TON of money in the short-run but looks to have energy benefits for British Colombians in the future).

Not since Glen Clark (former Führer of the NDP) has BC been subjected to the threat of an economic buffoon who would rather pander to the special interests of enviro-warriors and wannabe beatnik poet truthers than to actually take this province into an age of financial independence. It’s the platform of all Socialist parties to usurp the common sense of most voters who really have no idea how much corruption and hypocritical rhetoric float in the halls of the BC Legislature. The ghosts of NDP past remain there, carefully flicking the ears of anyone with an ounce of an independent thought. I blame the water supply, mainly salty tears.

Whether they be Fast Ferries at $9 billion a pop or the free-ride bridges in which we’ve yet to pay off, you have to hand it to the NDP: they’ve done a great job at screwing the voters and the unions for the past decade or two. Keystone made them out to be sore losers but in the end it will be left up to the tax payers to foot the bill, not to mention Site C (another fine mess) left to the headaches of future finance ministers to clean up.

The NDP, like all Socialist parties, derives its core base from the ill-informed, the free hand-out societies and the younger generation who, through no fault of their own, are led to believe that capitalism and the consumerist society in which we dwell, is for all intents and purposes, wrong. This is also the exact mindset of the Green Party and those that support it but herein lays the quandary: Socialism and environmentalism make for strange bed fellows; one only works when the other doesn’t.

One can think back to the biblical characters of Cain and Abel, two brothers who share one parentage but can never get along. Big projects and hefty finances are wrought with difficulties. In the past oil and gas companies reasonably set up shop without so much as a blip, environmentalists were nothing more than university Art professors who more often than not came out in favour of such industrious projects. If it was good for the economy it moved forward.

Not so today when you have well-organized teams of professional protestors and an enterprising media department to get the message across. But it’s all for show, a “wag-the-dog” effort at placating the public and those who voted in these snake-oil salesmen in order to acquire funding and votes come election time.

Resource-rich BC has been co-opted by the special interest of the day: environmentalism. Even though this is not a new idea, the current tide is taking hold and for the middle class in this province, staking a claim or reaping the rewards will soon be a thing of the past.

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