Senior Editor A. here with what’s in store for November!

As our website is growing, we’re stoked to welcome new contributors onto our team. We put out an advertisement a little while ago saying we were looking for people who wanted to get involved, and were astonished by the response. Vancouver is such a Liberal bubble, we weren’t sure if we were going to get any bites. What was encouraging though, besides the level of interest, were the comments accompanying the applications: Young, right-leaning and freethinking individuals exist in Vancouver. They are looking for a voice, and they are happy somebody came along and is creating something for them.

What is also heartbreaking though are the reasons why people are telling us they have to remain anonymous on our site (which is totally fine with us, that was kind of the original point of the entire website – to be able to safely share ‘unpopular’ opinions that can’t be published under somebody’s real name. Better to be published anonymously than not shared at all). A lady telling me she can’t share her experiences of living under Islam publicly or she could face repercussions for the rest of her life, a young man telling me he’ll get fired if some of his very sensible articles get traced back to him.

This is the price people pay for trying to tell the truth in a world that is so built on lies, it is fatally threatened by truth. I am honoured to provide a platform for the dissidents, for the seekers of truth and goodness.

Content wise, we’ll be bringing you lots of goodies this month: increased Canadian political coverage through our new staff writers, some philosophy from me and Senior Editor S. about suicide and nihilism, the race to be crowned the champion of the IDW-WWE, some more words to drop from your vocabulary forever, a brief guide to Sharia Law, and some fun word games. We are committing ourselves to finding new and exciting ways to communicate our values of liberty, self-responsibility and humour through poetry, fiction, satire, articles, essays, rebuttals, and multimedia posts.

As always, we’re always open to comments, suggestions, and story pitches! Give me a shout at

Likewise, we’re taking on new staff members right now, so let us know if you love what we’re doing and would like to become involved in creating content, graphic design, photography or marketing. We’re particularly interested in people who live in Vancouver, but can correspond over email as well.

And now the part where I grub for your money. If you care about helping to spread the truth and combatting leftist rhetoric, please consider subscribing to us on Patreon (see top menu for link) or making a one-time donation to our site using the payment button down below. Donations help cover website fees, pay staff writers, and marketing. I will add that me and my co-editor will not be keeping any of the funds from this project ourselves until it reaches a point where it can become our full-time work. Right now, any proceeds are going straight back into spreading the word.

That’s all for this time. Happy November!

-Senior Editor A.