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If you don’t support our values, we will punch you!

After all, wouldn’t you punch a Nazi? Also, if you don’t agree with us, you’re a Nazi!

Such is the logic of Antifa, those brave warriors against the only true evil in the world, Fascism.

Punching is exactly what they do, too. Take for instance, February 2nd 2017, at the University of California in Berkeley. 1500 protesters and supporters attended the grounds to voice their opinions on free speech. The gathering was non-violent until approximately 150 “black bloc” members stormed the grounds, threw fireworks, started fires, attacked members of the crowd, and threw rocks at police officers.

They were protesting a Trump supporter, Milo Yiannopoulos, from speaking about his critical views on Islam, feminism, social justice, and political correctness at a public event. In democratic societies, freedom of speech is recognized in international and regional human rights law. It’s a fundamental element for a healthy functioning society, but as soon as one side uses threats of violence to silence you, they are infringing on your right to express yourself without retribution or censorship.

Who looks more violent and dangerous to you?

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This guy, who Antifa members claim ‘wants to mass murder gays, women and POC’ (who is gay, and married to a black man) – or these guys?

Antifa riots against Milo. Image courtesy of Salon

More recently, take the Proud Boys’ October event at the Metropolitan Republican Club as another example of Antifa trying to shut down people they disagree with. They’ve been going after the Proud Boys in particular for a while now, as they’re fundamentally opposed to each other on everything. An unknown number of Antifa members showed up to protest the event, which turned violent. The leftist media was quick to paint the Proud Boys responsible for the direction it went in, but the facts we know appear to paint a different picture: The three people charged with assault were all affiliated with Antifa and not the Proud Boys. That fact comes from decidedly liberal New York Times, which makes it quite salient.

Tyrants don’t care about your right for speech, as Hitler didn’t care about Germany’s right for free speech, as Antifa doesn’t care about your right to free speech.

Antifa has become known as an anarchist group filled with troublemakers, a widespread social phenomenon all across North America, and parts in Europe. They are mostly comprised of unemployed young people with Anarchist, Communist or Socialist views. (Their breed of Anarchy is ‘Anarcho-Communism,’ the most nonsensical political philosophy ever coined. It basically implies that without a government, all people would arrange themselves into a Communist society with no leaders and equal distribution of goods. It is by nature impossible, and stupid).

One of their slogans is to end fascism By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, which is short for The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary. It’s an extreme politically left American militant group that organizes protests to achieve their aims. They are hell bent on changing the world by force.

Antifa’s members, by definition, are fascists, the modern day brown shirts. Anyone who’s watched any Hollywood movie in the last ten years knows about the reign of Adolf Hitler who segregated the Jewish population in Germany and persuasively led its people to become violently genocidal. Hitler’s Germany was going through the great depression in the 1930s, and could not have risen to power without the Brown Shirts. Mostly comprised of unemployed young people who admired the discipline and fighting qualities of the military, they used violence often in bloody fist fights or even using clubs and firearms, opposing any political opponents at all of Hitler’s political rallies. They all shared a disdain for the “1%”, a nickname given to the Jews and Communists at the time, was the fuel which stoked the fire to clench their fists. Hmm, the 1%. Sound familiar?

I wish I was lying. Antifa has become a political weapon of the left. Ironically enough, Hitler’s Germany was also on the left, he was a Nationalist, and also a Socialist. He funded the support of the Brown Shirts, who eventually became his personal bodyguards.

But where is Antifa’s leader? Where do they get their funding from? You guessed it, a Nazi.

Controversial Hungarian billionaire George Soros’ charity “The Tides Foundation” gave fifty thousand dollars to the left wing group “Alliance for Global Justice”, which is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for “Refuse Fascism,” a Communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down Milo’s event.

Antifascism used to be a liberal movement with many groups showing up in the early 90s. In Germany, soon after the National Democratic party of Germany came to power, they rose to fight extreme nationalism, in Sweden to promote violence to Neo-Nazis, and in the United States, clashing with the KKK. They were cool, they were punk, and punk was the rebel thing to do in the 90s. After almost two decades, the KKK and extreme Nationalist groups have vastly reduced in numbers and rarely organise public events. One can see the virtuousness of standing up to these groups, because they promoted the interest of one state or people above all others, which resembles Fascism.

This gives Antifa members a grandiose case of a moral superiority complex, causing a severe case of rationalizing to commit physical assault to anyone who does not follow their political beliefs. They’ve attacked members of the press, police officers, and even their own followers. They’re also notorious for property damage. In Berkeley they summed up an estimated hundred thousand dollars in damages. In Portland they vandalised up to a million, and in Baltimore they cause an estimated nine million dollars’ worth of damage due to fire. They honestly believe that it’s a worthy cause to assault neutral people and set fire to building to “end fascism” in the name of political correctness, and social justice.

A world controlled by Antifa would be exactly like Germany in 1935, each citizen being forced to mandatory mental servitude to political correctness, Conservative literature would be burned on the streets, and you’d dare not attempt to disagree with them. All historic monuments would be destroyed, starting fires would be a ritual, ISIS would be our allies, there’d be a law forcing parents to let you live at home until 35, platforms like Buzzfeed and Tumblr would become federalized, soy milk would replace dairy on the nutrition pyramid, and you could only run for office if you are either a visible minority or a member of the LGTBQ community – notice how Canada has already headed in this direction?  

Antifa is a violent Fascist group masquerading as anti-fascists. They scream “this is what Democracy looks like” while destroying property, committing assault, and shutting down public speaking events and freedom of speech with violence.

That is exactly not what Democracy looks like. That’s fascism.

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