This article was submitted to The Thinker’s Right by John Lyes. Cover image courtesy of The National.

You have to hand it to those who voted in what are perhaps one of the hottest contested midterms that America has seen in decades – with all hands on deck, both sides have created enough steam to last until the next election. Given that it seems to be more of a social election than a political one, you can thank your lucky stars that you were here to witness such a brew-ha-ha.

We saw the Leftist media going to any lengths they could to stick their grubby fingers in everything without shame. We saw celebrities parading around like children whose moms forced them into beauty pageants, screaming at you through gold-plated megaphones that it’s YOUR duty to vote for what THEY WANT. We saw a former President whipping up daily doses of fear and propaganda in hopes that his everyman dream is still Part of the American psyche – fragile as he thinks it may be. It’s no wonder eight years of Obama still leaves a bad taste in the eyes of more than 60% of those who voted for common sense and an America-first idealism over what was going to be a grand utopian Hillary Clinton, disarmed, abortions-for-all fascist state.

The outcome of these midterms is one that would have surely doomed the current administration had they drowned under the blue wave. But it’s less of a wave and more of a flooded ditch overflowing with the sewage that has become the rhetoric of the Left. Spewing vile hatred, promises of violence and determined riotous behaviour – all what they accuse Trump of doing, which is really just projection –  it’s likely that in the coming days and weeks ahead we’ll see the rise of an even more putrid state of political pandering and a cheap-to-the-core media prostituting itself under the guise of ‘freedom of the press.’ Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the car wreck that is the Democratic Party in all its failing glory, grasping for a last desperate breath before the sweet decay of death rips it from existence and from the hearts and minds of the witless fools that were taken in by all the promises of taking back the nation and rebuilding it to look more like what Spain had to endure during Franco’s era.

Congress went blue, as was expected. But hey, with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the house, the memes will be great for the next couple years. We won’t have to go around digging up dirt on the Left because they’ll be transparently garbage themselves. And Congress always loses seats after the first midterm. The average President loses 37 seats in his first midterm, but Trump only lost 26. Senate also gained five seats. Us on the right side of things (aha, get it?) don’t have to worry too much yet.

What we are seeing is the debasing of a societal upheaval being split into two factions. On one side, free markets and self-determination. On the other side, an unyielding faith in a State that will provide for all regardless of status, struggle and strife. Donald Trump took the Republican Party out of its comfort zone and rightly so. It was dying slowly due to the failures of past administrations, but thanks to Donald Trump’s in-your-face attitude and bully swagger, we’ve figured out exactly what America was sorely missing. Now they’ve had a taste, there’s no going back to Obama-brand soyboys.

And thanks to the stick-to-itness of the American voter, the baby boomers who remember the American Dream, the independent business owners and a flailing middle class still suffering from an Obama hangover, a second term Trump administration seems more than likely and America will eventually rise above the tainted smoke of an insane liberal rank determined to take away any and all rights.

Freedom is its own reward. We got it right 242 years ago, when we spelled out our rights in the Constitution, and there’s never going to be a need to go back on that document. Politics have been rebuilt in America to the point it’s a no-holds-barred fight: On our side, bare knuckle fists determined to strike back at the foreign scum and villainy that serves to undermine what it is to be truly free. That’s why Conservatism has never been more popular and in America – because of the desire to fight for the last bastion of freedom and the last hope for the West.

-John Lyes

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