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I believe that it was Owen Benjamin that did the following joke.

There is a difference between a child’s lie and propaganda.

A cookie goes missing. It’s you and a kid. Did you take the cookie?

“No!”. A flat lie.

It’s you and a propagandist. “Propagandist, did you take the cookie?”

“No, you stole the cookie.”

What does this answer do but make you stagger back, aghast as if the old librarian bonked you on the nose. It’s a mirror of the truth: someone in the room stole the cookie.

You see this mirror of the truth (well constructed lies) employed in near all leftist mainstream media, but I repeat myself. THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT IS THE WHOLE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM THIS SEASON.

Even honest Dems will admit they don’t have much to run on right now but Health Care and that Trump, the Elephants, and America in general are horrible badbadnotgood Nazis. They are:

  • Mean to kids (the detention camps).
  • He lies (Trump)
  • (and the constant) “Racist, Sexist, Bigot, Anti-Gay”
  • Islamophobia
  • “No, you stole the cookie!”

The right today does not HATE, not in the mainstream to any unhealthy degree. We do not hate gays, blacks, or latinos. I will give them that we are no fans of Islam, but that’s coming from a place of education and not ignorance. It’s still a mirror. They call it out as if being nervous when hundreds of billions of people want the West and the ideals that have lifted it to its heights to burn, burn, burn, is illogical.

Trump lies less than most politicians. And it is NOT the Republicans that do not protect children. #AbortionsForAll

One only must scratch the surface of the Democratic soul to see their horns and hate. It is exposed whenever anyone who finds themselves in one of the left’s many pet categories shows up with independent conclusions that do not match their lies. As always the truth gets flipped. It is the agents of tolerance that are always the ones that go straight to character assassination and racial slurs. The vicious attacks of people like Dave Rubin, Candace Owens, Kellyanne Conway, Kanye West and most illegal Hispanics living in the country (like 98% of Mexicans call themselves Catholic) are unparalleled by those of the correct level of the political spectrum. The consequences of apostasy of the left to the right are dire: jobs are lost, women are lost and friends ghost; while the opposite is rewarded with millions of dollars of earthly posessions, as seen with the likes of S.E. Cupp, Ana Navarro, and Jordan Peterson.

I do not comprehend why the left feigned such horror with Kellyanne Conway using the term “alternative facts” while remaining champions of “social justice” and “political correctness.” They’re admitted lies, the first word cancels the next, two positives are a negative. They’re not facts, they’re “alternative facts.” Trump’s not great when it comes to Truth as a man, but as a politician, he’s near silver. Even the lefty site Politifact rates him well enough higher then the darling deamon Bernie Sanders. He’s a lot more honest than those who’ve dosed themselves in  political power. The lies about Trump are vicious and constant.

After the Pittsburg shooting (rest in peace), the mainstream media was quick to churn out daily reports of shovelling coal to the hate. This while the shooter himself actively wrote Anti-Trump blog posts; this while Trump has been the best president for the Jews in the last couple decades at least (moving the embassy was a move promised by the last four presidents, but Trump actually did it, and Israel named a primely located rail station in Jerusalem after him). Every time a minority gets in a scrap it is because of Trump’s rhetoric, this despite the fact that Trump is the first president to enter office being pro gay-marriage; this despite the fact that Trump has never said anything actually racist to my knowledge; this despite the fact that blacks and latinos haven’t had it any better economically in the last 60 years; this despite the #WalkAway movement.

The mirror of this is the Left has always been the racist ones. “No, you can’t let them leave the plantation, they’re too stupid and lazy to survive on their own.” “No, you can’t make them the same as the civilized white kids, mark them like you would a black kid or an imbecile, how else could they get into collages?” “No, you can’t cutback Welfare, they’re too stupid and lazy to survive on their own.”

At last, the lie of Trump doesn’t care about children.

The media uses the illegal alien detention camps as evidence of brown child hate or something. They say this despite the fact that (a) it kinda makes sense, but could have been handled better, (b) it was started under Bill Clinton and continued unchallenged under both of Obama’s terms. (Fun fact: under the Obama years, Glenn Beck was tipped off as to what was happening down at the border. He couldn’t get anybody to run the story).

Does the Left want these little children to be in the same prisons as adult criminals, grown men and women where God knows what could happen to them? Did you know that 80% or more of the women getting smuggled over the border get raped on the journey? These poor mothers give their daughters plan B pills like Gravol.

Then there’s also the lie of Transchildren that this pushed frequently by culture warriors of the “woke.” Every other week I see someone sharing kids in drag. At the Vancouver “Science World” in the human biology section there are plaques that preach the gender spectrum and promote transgenderism as a healthy choice. This despite the fact that is a extremely unhealthy way of life, which would leave them barren before puberty, assigned a life regulated by heavy medication, the filleting of genitals, and a 40% likelihood of suicide, pre and post operation; a rate higher than those of Auschwitz inmates. It’s on you if you want to transition as an adult, being fully informed of what the risks are. But, as I believe it was Owen Benjamin again who jokes, trans kids are like vegan cats – you know exactly who’s making those decisions.

These are bad people; those who present lies as truth and truth as unspeakable. If you hold the notion that truth and good hold parallel then this is immediately apparent. When you put your soul in corrupt places, you get corrupt, and the devil works through you.

“No, you stole the cookie!”

Keep voting, Yankees!

-Senior Editor S.