Jimmy Savile

Dude, England Is Run By Pedophiles

In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the abused have power. Bacchus disguises himself as a child and as the degen seamen go to him, he breaks every bone in their bodies so bad they actually turn into lesser animals and hop off the ship and into the scum. Them and their seed shall remain outside of the community for all time.

If only they remained there.

In 1986 the head of MI5 (like the limey CIA) wrote to Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet minister that there was an active member of parliament that was diddling little boys, or, as he put it, “[had a] penchant for small boys”. This parliament member could be one of 76 parliamentarians being investigated, or the 25 that have already been charged; the British police are also investigating 178 public celebrities and 7 sports stars. If that doesn’t show a sign of a culture, this might: 376 institutions out there are complacent in the case and the British police say that 50 000 victims have come forward and they also say that they’re merely “the tip of the iceberg”.

The Royal family also has a tendency to knight pedophiles. Here are a few of the most famous knighted pedophiles:

  1. Jimmy Savile
  2. Arthur C Clarke
  3. Cybil Smith
  4. Peter Hayman
  5. Jerry Lewis
  6. Rolf Harris
  7. Max Clifford

(This list will continue to grow)

There is a serious and underrepresented link between power and pedophilia, and that has been proven RAMPANT in England, in politics, in entertainment, the churches, hospitals, and education.

Jimmy Savile would sit down across from the sick kid he’d raped who was threatening to come public, and say “I’ve given millions to this hospital, you think they’re gonna give me up for you?” There are reports after reports of whole investigations over rings of pedophilia being shut down because some famous name has been brought into the mix. Jimmy would be doing this at the BBC back offices hospital wards from the 60’s to the naughts.

People knew Jimmy Savile was raping kids in comas in these hospitals, I wonder if the audio of “Top of the Pops” ever caught any of the screams?

Kevin Spacey ran the Old Vic, one of the most prominent theatres in London, a chair formerly held by Laurence Olivier. Meeting worldwide public shame, it was revealed to the Public that he had been dittling young teens below him out there for decades. Over and over and over. Men and women just letting it happen.

Whenever one of these monsters are pointed out you always see they’ve been reigning over something for decades, and other big names just letting it happen, other then one Johnny Rotten interview. Johnny Rotten was then banned from the BBC and called every name in the book for the next several years. Johnny Rotten is one of the few that ever stood up for these children and they attempted to destroy him.

Any basic research into these scandals exposes how so many people could have called out these pedophiles, saving children, and did nothing.

Margaret Thatcher herself allowed the knighting of Cybil Smith, despite being given many credible reports on his “predilection for young boys.” The liberal spokesperson for the man, back in 1979, responded to allegations with a very simple “All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms.”

The major correlation of abusers is they all belong to the elite class. This doesn’t mean that all elites are pedophiles, but it clearly helps.

Look to what’s happening in England now. The British elite defy the will of her citizens when it comes to letting in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from places like the Middle East and North Africa, where respect for women and children, especially non-Muslim women and children, is not nearly as high as it is on average in the common West. Now there is an even worse epidemic of minor rape. Who set this further crisis up?

And who does the British media hate the most right now? The main guy standing up for poor little girls who couldn’t stand up for themselves:


Evil is a constant in this world. This range of pedophilia is not unique to England, it’s everywhere in every city and town. Monsters exist, and if you let them march around unslain, they create their own community and grow strong, like at the BBC. What we must do, as the good people that we are is call out the devil. It was a Proud Boy that told me the quote, although I’m not sure who said it originally, 

“A good man loves a good woman and kills a bad man.”

I don’t advocate violence but when it comes to pedophiles, they must be slain. And it seems like this may be bigger then we think.

Call the Devil by his name when you get the opportunity.

-Senior Editor S.


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  1. Laying it down. Tearing up.
    Things understood don’t need to be explained.
    As in the truth. Pediphilia is as nasty rotten stanky as is gets.
    I blame this hellbent curse on decades of inner breeding.
    For myself.
    Anyone who ever even had a glimmer of a nano thought regarding pedophilia towards any of my children.
    Is having a real bad muthu fucking day.
    Must be a European
    Cuz I gotta tell ya.
    They some nasty ass subcreatons.
    Great blog my man.
    Stay up on it.
    Ryan Donovan

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