The Left Doesn’t Understand Precedence

Notes from Underground are the frustrations of Senior Editor S, as spewed from his father’s basement in White Rock.

We see over and over again, with the Kavanaugh trial, with the Caravan, with the most of the “progressive” platform: How clear it is the Left don’t care about or do not want the basic structures of freedom which the West has long fought to achieve.

Precedence means once something is done once and is allowed legally, then it will be done again. Precedence is logical consistency. There’s definitely an element of Murphy’s law at place with these breaking down of cultural norms, i.e. when the septic tanks bursts, it gets into every pore.

So anytime anyone gets accused of sexual misconduct, they should lose their job? Do we not see the danger in this logic?

More than that, do we now do away with that personification of Doubt, the presumption of innocence the West was built on?

Best case, allowing them the most human-ness, they want to keep a guy who might have been a groper thirty years ago out of the court. The worst, and more likely, case is that the sick want to be able to take down any man they want easily.

What? And every time a horde of people come organize themselves in the thousands we should just open our borders to them? Open your door to every wandering mob? Do they not see how that could go horribly wrong when we let the first few thousand in? Then every time after that?

Even then, Democrats talk extensively on the abolition of ICE. It is worth noting that as of today the migrant Caravan has gone down in size, but the overflowing of illegal people into the country is still obsessed. 22.1 million illegal immigrants in the country as of 2016 according to the largest online scientific research journal (though it’s worth noting that Ann Coulter figured that is was more like sixty million, and as far as I could find no one has actually proved her wrong, but just called her racist).

The campaign to cut free speech is actively starting with the banning of mean words. George Carlin’s bit’s against Puritanical Christians apply to behemoth levels today: the enemy now is those in control of the media and academia, and you always find them just a step behind Big State on the paper trail.

The Left wants to tear down everything. Which is fine-ish. It’s sort of their job to push boundaries. But to destroy what has been built into the best nations and systems that the world has ever seen, is verging on evil.

There is a total cultural push against comedy these days too, one sees this with the banning (permanent or temporary) of Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin, Count Dankula, Michael Knowles, James Woods, Milo Yiannopoulos (you do kinda look like a gorilla sometimes Leslie Jones; I look somewhat like a rat. Especially when I wear whiskers. It’s a mean thing to say and people who are not mean should call out the bad guy when they see it), Anthony Cumia, Alex Jones, and soon to be many more if they continue down this path. (Senior Editor A’s Note: ISIS groups are still on Twitter. RE, “Banned.”)

What is of dire importance with creators of culture and policy is when making decisions, we take our logic to its appropriate conclusion. Any crack in the built wall will let through cold air. We see it over and over again under the Trump administration. They’ve set these crazy parameters of both evil and good that only apply when there is a need for them to apply and not otherwise.  

See, what it really is is a power grab.

Why else would they say nothing about Keith Ellison, who is VERY credibly accused of beating his girlfriend, why would they say nothing for years against Bill Clinton and his VERY credible rape accusers; Hillary Clinton, who covered up and slandered all of his accusers, then pushes the agenda against Brett Kavanagh; Meryl Streep coming out so hard against Harvey Weinstein after his horrors came public despite calling him a god only recently; Meryl Streep coming out as the feminist icon against sexual misconduct despite expressing her dismay at the shunning of Roman Polanski, and on and on and on.

To get rid of the presumption of innocence is to open the floodgates to tyranny and kangaroo courts;

To get rid of borders is to open the floodgates to anyone to come into our countries and take advantage of all our social systems, be undocumented enough to undercut the blue-collar workers and undercut our means of police work. With no former documents, the judges also do not know how severe the person’s previous life is when it comes to sentencing. To deny gender is to leave women vulnerable; to ban some speech will very quickly lead to the banning of all speech; to deny hateful ideas is to give them sex appeal (dangerous moto badboy, who every girl wants and every boy wants to be); and on and on and on.

Now I’m not even saying that this denies all the Left’s ideals, there are some valid points to be made. Some things needs to be mended in order to adapt to the modern climate, as yesterday is not today. But not everything.

You wouldn’t knock down your house to fix a pipe, you’d just wanna fix the pipe that rapists are crawling through to get to your daughter.

-Senior Editor S.

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