This article was submitted to The Thinker’s Right by Staff Writer P.

I went to university to learn.

To complete my coursework, get my degree, and maybe meet people. I did not sign up for the constant onslaught of political indoctrination.

Plastered up on every wall, present in every campus social media post, and talked about by instructors and students alike, political discussion is an everyday occurrence. And since the rhetoric is all about “care” “inclusion” “safety” “health” “the environment” and other such aphorisms, one can easily see how one who does not listen can hate towards the “other”, the dissenter: what is worth loving in someone who is against “care” “inclusion” “safety” “health” “the environment” “women?”

It can be hard to keep your head on straight when the verbal force-feeding you’re receiving is not only a result of the local news but also a result of a political bias on campus, it gets more and more corrupting to stay silent.

Conversation is important. What is happening, however, is not a conversation. It’s a brainwashing of so-called “facts” that are being thrown around as if they’re the gospel.


First, it was all about the pipeline that was going to “ruin our coasts” and “kill our orcas.”

Next, it was the carbon tax that was going to make people more conscious about the waste they’re producing.

Now it’s all about proportional representation. These are all big topics that should definitely be a part of conversation. However, whenever I try to discuss these subjects with any of these self- proclaimed liberals, they snuff my ideas off and refuse to even listen to the other side of the argument. For people who claim to be the epitome of open-mindedness, you don’t have to look hard to see the hypocrisy in their actions.

The pipeline that Canada was going to get for free to provide a safer method of transporting oil from Alberta to British Columbia, ruined because of the Greenies and their refusal to listen to the facts being given to them. They do know that the province has other pipelines that the oil workers have been able to keep well-maintained, right? That it was nowhere near the first of its kind?

Now, with all this nonsense about proportional representation, I can’t even imagine what kind of falsified statistics and stretched truths they’re going to come up with now. We’ve already heard the suggestion of racial injustice. Allowing the percentages of votes to determine the percentage of seats given to each party will never be a good idea. The coalition government that such a voting system will create will cause nothing but chaos in BC’s already struggling government. Allowing small parties to gain seats based on the percentage of votes they receive is the first step to every intolerable government that has ever been created.

They never truly understood the issues themselves, never had the chance to go so deep as to form their own opinion on anything. The media and news outlets tell these poor left-winged souls what they’re supposed to believe, and they do.

I pity them for it.

It’s hard to be able to take a minute to stop and think about what it is you actually believe about an issue. I could easily list reasons as to why each of the aforementioned social issues were amazing ideas that should be praised – because those are the “facts” that have been thrown at us for years. Those are pieces of information we’re told to believe which don’t make sense once we actually think about them.

In our times, being young and being female are two traits that are ‘supposed’ to make us automatically liberal. For a group of people who, once again, claim to be accepting of everyone around them no matter their gender, race, religion, or belief system, they sure do an awful job of accepting the enlightened right. They hate and they shun and they try to convert every person they see into a brain-dead, left-winged, feeble-minded liberal whose only opinions are the ones given to them, that is excempt for white men, who are evil off the bat given them freedom to go wherever without the label of traitor. It’s like a cult.

I’m tired of people not thinking for themselves. I’m tired of one group of people feeding the rest of us lies in hopes of converting us to their side. I’m tired of being labelled and pressured and pushed in certain directions just because of my age and my gender and my race. If you’re a Leftie, this statement should sound familiar to you.

There are Conservatives that aren’t white males (Consult our Whitelist to see what diversity is present in the modern Right – A.), just like there are liberals that are. I think it’s time for young people to wake up and start accepting that the opinions given to them by modern-day propaganda aren’t the opinions of the youth in the whole community, the whole province, or in the whole country.

Liberals, especially the young ones that are swarming the campuses across the land, need to take a step back and reevaluate what it is they’ve been continuously forcing on people. If they can’t do that, then they need to at least start listening to the other side to gain some contrast on what they’ve been told. Doubt will be your savior.

The age-old saying is that there’s two sides to every story, and until they start to accept that and accept the opinions and lifestyles of other young, politically-minded individuals, then they won’t ever learn to think for themselves and find their own truth.

May God be with them and guide their way to finding the Truth, and may they learn
open their minds and consider the other side of the story before taking action.

-Staff Writer P.