Shotty Avenatti

What is there left to say about Avenatti?

He’s a recently divorced father of two daughters. He is a lawyer most know for representing the pornstar that Billionaire Playboy had an affair with, who wanted to come public despite the non-disclosure agreement that was formerly arranged. To shock the world that Donald Trump is a bad husband.

Avenatti has grown fame off his client.

One can see why, he has a face that is full of character. His skin looks just an inch too tight, and his eyes are grey and cold. That coldness travels through. He is working hard in the halls of CNN, the halls of the courts of law, he’s gotten his hands on every anti-Trump fringe character, promoting with serious gumption. Julie Sweatnik, the songbird in the coal mine, has made the most satanic claims against Kavanaugh. He and his young chums in high school would hold parties where girls could keep coming too, they would drink or maybe spike punch, then lead them into a room and gang-rape them. No evidence mind you, but Avenatti believes that she is a victim. Now that is in the Court, Ford has taken her seat, Sweatnik is now under investigation for false allegations, and Avenatti is pretty well fine. He is an advocate for women.

A few days ago, he was placed under arrest at his skyscraper apartment in Century City off Santa Monica Boulevard for charges at of domestic violence; charges he vehemently denies. $50 000 bail has been posted and he is out running around defending his name.

It is alleged that the woman (whose relationship to the man is unknown, as is her name) was found with sunglasses covering her eyes and screaming into the phone, shocked that “you did this to me.” Her cheeks were supposedly red and swollen when security brought her inside. Mr Avenatti is reported to have run in five minutes later pleading that “She hit me first.”

Avenatti is the aiming to be the bulldog (Acosta is more of the bullfrog) of the Left. He is a tight 52-year-old with the face of an uncircumcised penis, and the oh-so-serious eyes of someone who is always oh-so-serious, and the smile of a creepy porn lawyer.

It’s relieving to hear that at least some part of him does believe in due process; with this belief though he does show his true anti-American fervour for class warfare. The rules for thee, and not for me. “He is accused of the crime and so he should step down from the court, just the accusation is the stopping point for that guy” (I paraphrase).

“But I will be redeemed because I am innocent, you will see.”

As anyone with the good Doubt in their heart will see that this may be true. But there must be a presumption of innocence or else, as was said by young Lincoln in John Ford’s Young Lincoln:

“The trouble is when men start taking the law into their own hands, they’re just as apt to all the confusion and fun to start hanging someone who’s not a murderer over someone who is. Then the next thing you know they’re hanging one another just for fun. So, it gets to a place where a man can’t pass a tree or look at a rope without getting uneasy. We seem to lose our heads in times like this, we do things together that we’d be mighty ashamed to do by ourselves.”

We live in a time of true spiritual crisis. There is a constant representation in our art of a lack of meaning. With actors like Avenatti and his goals we would head to a time that would be good for no one. Avenatti may very well be innocent, his previous two wives seem to back him up. The first wife come out with true respect, wanting the nation to know that he is a good man, his second estranged wife’s attorney let out a statement saying that she has never known him to be violent. He argues that he could never hurt a woman, especially after raising two youngins of his own.

If he would be logically consistent then he would either come to the realization of the error in his ways and move forward with his bid to run in 2020 on Democratic platforms; or he will now step down and work litigation or some such as the position of political player is now of disrepute and thus now is among the basket of deplorables, and so fits just along with the company he currently keeps.

Or he will continue to seek power.

-Senior Editor S.

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