A joint editor’s letter from A. and S. 

Politics are dead. Long live politics.

The mainstream has gone full Satanist. It’s killed a lot of babies; a lot of innocence.

They’re attacking children and minors with no remorse.

The time is over to sit around being shocked; ally with God. It’s time to start building an ark.

Hollywood, New York and Washington want to eat children and start a race war and are using Stalinist tactics to do so, to quote the dictator, who would wipe out his subordinates wave after wave for control of the narrative,

In order to end the class system we must not eliminate class conflict but reinforce it.

His victims are more distinct than Hitler’s. Many of them would go to their death still calling his name.

The New York abortion bill is the logical conclusion to any sort of liberality towards the issue of baby killin’. THIS DISRESPECT OF LIFE RESONATES THROUGH MAINSTREAM CONSCIOUSNESS: it creates demons, and demons are not allowed on your lawn (Dostoevsky’s Demons [1872] is required on mine).

Politics are dead. Vote against those who animate the corpse, and thus spread the sickness.

Jesus is out fishing, let’s join him. The cities are going to burn. Things are too far gone.

What do we do now?

Control the things which you can control. “your life is your life.”

America is already TWENTY TRILLION in debt. Occasionally “I danced in college, white man” Cortez is trying to go even further. The dollar is weak and gonna get weaker, till it’s seen as NONSENSE.


No more than paper, if Bernie is elected, sooner, rather than later.

Preppers got it right. Make your own food. Store water. Have children.

Make Good like the tables Jesus made. Let the dead bury the dead.

Be able to survive in the good for three months without outside power, because that power is weak, because it’s NONSENSE.

-Senior Editor S. 

We’ve been gone from publishing for the last two months, for several reasons. A lot has changed during those last two months.

Senior Editor S. found Jesus. (I say that lovingly; I’m searching for him as well, I hope I can find him too). I broke up with the Pseudo-Socialist Psycho Ex-Boyfriend and had my entire life swept out from under my feet in the process (more on that later coming your way, I promise). We’ve both come a long way since the last time an article was published on this website, but now, having had our eyes opened even more than the last time you heard from us, we’re proudly back, and we’ve got a lot to talk about.

I’ve become very cynical over the past couple of months. The world has gone fully insane, with no point of redemption now. The Empire State Building was lit up in honour of what will be thousands of dead babies, under the false pretence of ‘women’s rights.’ The media proudly slandered some fifteen year old kids, celebrities called for the doxxing of these children: What are their names, their addresses, we want to hurt them. Hate crimes are being created to make up for the hate that just doesn’t exist anymore. The mainstream narrative is pushing courageous Conservatives further and further underground, stopping at nothing to destroy the likes of Gavin McInnes and Laura Loomer, among other and others.

I’ve become more cynical in my own time as well, reading, consuming proper journalism, learning more about all the different ways we’re being lied to about everything, and coming to the realization that so many others before me – dubbed ‘conspiracy theorists’ as rhetorical means to convince the mainstream they’re nuts, and you will be too if you associate with them – have come to as well: that there is a narrative, there is a globalist agenda, and it’s controlling everything. And if you question it, they’ll come for you, make an example out of you, and ruin your life.

We never went to the moon. Something is up with vaccinations, something is up with Antarctica. Saudi Arabia and Sharia values are funding Twitter. Dictionaries have political agendas. (The last point, from the David Foster Wallace essay ‘Authority and American Usage,’ was the final straw for me. I remember yelling to S, ‘Dictionaries now have left-wing agendas? Does everything have a political agenda? What doesn’t anymore? Is nothing sacred?)

We realized we’ve been tricked, by Jordan Peterson among others. Joe Rogan fully sold out when he could have become the bridge between the mainstream media and important alternative figures. The IDW are controlled opposition; they may possess more common sense en masse than most media figures, but still, all are globalists and they do not represent true academic thought diversity. Anybody worth their salt has been banned from Twitter.

We have seen victories in this time as well. Nick Sandmann and his family are suing the Washington Post for 250 million dollars. Jussie Smollett was arrested and was written off of his TV show. Other lawsuits are in the works, for the SPLC and other hateful organizations. But this probably won’t be enough.

Left/Right is barely a distinction that matters anymore; the question of our time will be Globalism/Nationalism. War has already started, the war of values. It will get worse before it gets better. Find who is on your side and stick with them. Learn valuable skills, learn to be self-sustaining. Choose which hill you’re willing to die on and make a stand.

It’s much easier to stand against something than it is to stand for something. We derive a sense of purpose from the positions we take in life. Make yours something purposeful. Stand in defence of Western values, and don’t back down. If you have the means to do so, support the online content creators who are working hard and being persona-non-grata’d for doing so. Don’t be silent about your views – the Leftist mob is shallow and vapid. You’ll get used to them coming for you. It’s not that bad.

This will be an era of great historical importance. Make sure you’re on the right side.

-Senior Editor A. 

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