Abortions In BC: Yes, The Government Is Lying To You

In the wake of New York City’s disastrous new abortion laws, I decided to check in to the local (Vancouver, BC) government websites and learn a little more about the state of abortions and abortion access in British Columbia.

What I was horrified, but not at all, surprised to find, is that our government is lying to us about the reality of abortions. Largely this lying is lying through omission – not providing scared women with accurate information about the realities of abortion. But also, this lying takes place in the form of drastic understatement of the emotional and physical trauma that abortions entail.

The law is as states – there are no abortion laws in Canada. Most are done before 25 weeks, but should you desire one afterwards, so long as you can find a clinic willing to perform the service, you won’t face legal consequences. So long as you’re paying into MSP (Medical Services Plan, which pretty much everybody in the province legally is), they’re free, or up to $100 for medications. They’ll put you back several hundred dollars if you aren’t on the plan, but they’re still accessible here – meaning you can come here from somewhere where they are illegal to have one to have the procedure done, granted you have the funds.

Our scientific evidence currently suggests that babies can survive outside the womb at as little as 24 weeks – meaning a baby in Canada that can be aborted could have stood a fair chance at living. According to Wikipedia, 50-70% of babies born at 24-25 weeks survive. That rate goes up to over 90% born after 26 weeks. Any information resembling this could not be found on any local government websites. (If it does appear, and I overlooked it, please send me towards the site where you found that information and I’ll issue a correction).

You can choose to abort surgically or medically in BC. Various government websites and websites for government-run abortion clinic go on and on about how safe abortions are, repeatedly calling them ‘one of the safest medical procedures out there.’ And while it’s true that women don’t die from having abortions and they are ‘safe’ in that sense, these sites fail completely to offer any pro-life arguments or resources for women who are considering keeping the child or putting it up for adoption. Not to mention there are health complications that can arise from abortion that are glossed over on these sites as well – like fertility issues in the future. These sites are outright government propaganda that encourage women to abort if they’re having any doubts about keeping the child.

There are too many instances of outright falsehoods on these sites to name them all, but the most appalling one to me is the way these sites frame abortion like it is not traumatic and women do not regret their decision afterwards. Many, many do. Like Roe, now a born-again Christian, who felt pressured into becoming a figurehead for a movement, lied about being raped, and now feels responsible for the deaths of millions of babies. Such testimonials won’t come up, in favour of brief statements like these (from the Willow Women’s Clinic site):

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.29.22 PM.png

Talk about sweeping a whole side of the issue under the rug…

Reading online reviews, it seems consistent that many women who have sought abortions in BC were given false information in person by doctors about what the procedures would entail, or felt like the doctors rushed them to get an abortion and did not provide them with the care or information they needed. The first one included here especially was very upsetting.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.58.01 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.00.56 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.02.34 PM

This last review is not detailed or specific, but its author is clearly not a native English speaker and the sentiment is very authentic so I decided to toss it in anyway –

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.02.59 PM

Thanks in part to such an inhumane attitude from the doctors, many women in BC have an incredibly casual attitude towards abortion. I know many girls who have had four, five, even more – who seem to use it as a form of birth control, who seem like it doesn’t affect their conscience at all.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.01.38 PM

Just for the record, birth control pills and condoms are free for anybody under 25 living in the province. Other forms of birth control, like IUDs, are heavily subsidized as well. Women have plenty of options readily available to them to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies. The brainwashing here goes deep.

The province also plays a role in silencing pro-life efforts. Pro-life groups protesting in the city are repeatedly shut down, and anti-abortion ads are prohibited from public transit.


And, what’s happening to these aborted fetuses? I couldn’t tell you for certain where the local ones are going. This information as well is not present on any government websites. Over the next few days I will be emailing abortion clinics and government-run websites whose sites do not include this information to ask them myself what’s happening to them, and I’ll follow up with responses should I receive or not receive any.

I’ve been pro-choice my whole life up until very recently, because science, logic and heart does not support abortion. I was on the line for a little while about how I felt, and it was doing the research for this article that firmly pushed me to the right side. Ease of abortion access thrives on miseducation and lack of information, so, as is the case with everything we see around us these days, I urge you to investigate for yourself and not blindly accept what the government and media is feeding you as truth.

For women seeking help with unexpected pregnancies in the Metro-Vancouver area who are not seeking abortion, Vancouver and Burnaby are home to Crisis Pregnancy Centres

-Senior Editor A. 

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