The Thinker’s Right – was founded in Vancouver, BC in May 2018. The two senior editors, frustrated by the neo-Marxist mentality that seems to be consuming most of their peers, launched this project in an attempt to diversify the opinions prominently featured within local underground publications. A print hard copy was first distributed that month, and The Thinker’s Right expanded into an online presence as well in July of the same year in order to reach individuals outside of their hometown.

The Thinker’s Right is dedicated to remaining an anonymous radical publication and promises to never reveal the identities behind its content creators. Please reach out to us if you are interested in contributing articles on any topic.

If you would like to support The Thinker’s Right please consider subscribing to our bi-monthly hard copy publication. We release a print zine that features the best of the articles from the website and adds on bonus content such as our official statements on topical issues, favorite jokes and samplings of truly great literature, and unprofessional but heartfelt drawings and cartoons.

We dedicate ourselves to the Truth – whatever that might be – and we will work relentlessly in pursuit of it. We dedicate ourselves to producing daring articles that aren’t afraid to discuss what CNN won’t, to crack jokes that mainstream comedians won’t, and to create a brand of punk artwork that is scarce among our lackluster peers.

The dream? To make you laugh and think – and for this to become our day job. Please consider donating today to help us keep doing this work.

Anonymity Policy

Anonymity Policy
The neo-Marxists being incapable of separating artwork from artist reject an idea if they have an issue with the person who came up with the idea. In the wake of the #MeToo era, we are seeing our peers reject artistic quality in favor of mediocre work done by individuals who share their values.

The fascination or obsession with content creators only distracts from the message. In order to have your attention squarely focused on what we have to say, we have removed your ability to become hung up on who we are. The co-founders, known to you simply as Senior Editor A. and Senior Editor S., are only indicated as separate individuals on their pieces for the sake of consistency and clarity.

For example, let us not forget that a genuine bigot was the creator of a beloved series about the dangers of xenophobia. Orson Scott Card’s values and his books spoke completely different messages. The art and the artist are not the same.

If you would ever like to contribute your thoughts to The Thinker’s Right, please contact us here or email us directly at anarchopunkenragement@gmail.com. We will publish your words with the most minimal alteration possible to preserve the integrity of your original ideas and will never disclose your identity under our Anonymity Policy.

We are here to let your words speak for themselves.