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Ben Shapiro

Other than being a prude, Shapiro is a damn important to our culture today. A clean-cut man, father of two, married to a doctor, he is steeped in ancient Logos. Aristotle to Aquinas, it would be much more interesting to hear him talk about these characters other then the insane shit that CNN is trying to pull right now with this Russian probe that seem to be clogging up everyone’s time for no reason. Pfew.

He has stood up to everyone under the sun. Every time he gets together with Sam Harris they talk about conversing more than they converse. In 2015 he was the number one target of the Alt-Right hate mobs, and damn proud of it. He’s a gaping hole in the logic that anyone who’s not a commie is alt-right, did you notice the Yamaka? Nevertheless, the smarmy little warrior with an annoying voice may be the greatest political surgeon of our day.

Let’s hope his tinny voice feeds past the LA smog for decades to come.

-Senior Editor S.


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