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Blaire White

Blaire White might be the most loved and hated transgender public figure active right now. The Right and those longing for sensible transgender spokespeople for the movement appreciate her honesty and sense of reality when discussing gender issues. She recognizes that men face issues too and sticks up for their rights, and is willing to have conversations about her transgender identity that many other YouTuber’s deem themselves to be too sensitive to have.

She’s gutsy, too, and won’t back down from a debate, although debating isn’t one of her strongest points. But she took on Ben Shapiro in a conversation about transgender pronouns and I have to respect that at the very least. It’s people like her who are really doing the dirty work of the transgender acceptance movement.

The Left hate her because she won’t fall for victimhood, identity politics, feminism and that whole non-binary blah blah blah. There’s a lot of fluffy stuff on her channel, like typical YouTube lifestyle stuff, that isn’t particularly meaningful or interesting. But her politics and views on the Left especially are pretty spot on. Also; once she liked one of my Tweets. That made my day. Just sayin’.

-Senior Editor A.


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