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Bret Weinstein

Bret is the only real Leftie on our Whitelist, and he’s earned that position through being a thoughtful and intelligent man who sees the errors of his own party, and wishes to restore it to common sense.

Weinstein took a stand against ((actual)) racism against white students at Evergreen State College in Washington, where he used to be a professor of biology – and made national headlines for being a racist because of the incident. Him and his wife, Heather Heying, both settled with the university out-of-court and stepped down from their positions there. They were essentially forced to leave. He has gone on to become a popular public academic and member of the Intellectual Dark Web, and honourably engages in conversations and appears on the programs of people from all sides of the political world.

A true academic stands up for his beliefs rooted in truth, unpopular as they may be, and Weinstein sacrificed his career for his values. Such makes him a hero.

-Senior Editor A. 



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