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Dave Rubin

Short explanation: Dave left the Left to seek the Truth.

Long explanation: While many popular Libertarian and Conservative speakers are former Lefties (they tend to make the best ones, as they once believed in left-leaning ideologies and then realized what evil and hypocrisy lay inside their previous party), Rubin’s move to the right is particularly remarkable, as he was a relatively high-profile liberal – he was a member of the Young Turks, and most other former-left-leaning public figures only became well-known after developing right-wing ideals.

His show, ‘The Rubin Report,’ makes for a great introduction for many of today’s most important speakers. His background as a member of the Young Turks is probably responsible for his reporting and interviewing style, which is useful for simplifying the ideas of popular public intellectuals so anybody can understand their ideals, without having to compromise their content. He brings on interesting guests for conversations that don’t go on for too long, and tends to keep his speakers within their realm of comfort and expertise instead of trying to put them on the spot.

-Senior Editor A.


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