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Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes is the funniest guy working today. Other people are better joke writers, but like, Chris Farley there’s something about his existence makes us all a little lighter.

Some of my favourite things he’s done in his life

  • Called Jesus Gay on Bill Maher’s first show (is now a practicing Roman-Catholic) cuz he was really fucked up
  • was accidentally inducted to the KKK at his mountaintop bachelor party as the rest of the racially diverse group howled with laughter
  • started Vice, wrote everything, then left when it got Human Resources-y and him and his fellow founders stopped liking each other
  • started both the hipster movement and the Proud Boys,
  • is now doing three great shows on CRTV and walks around his home making sure that his children don’t use their screens past the hour. 

His political opinions are so vicious they’re funny, fuck safe spaces, FIGHT. It’s like if you favourite uncle was really into Charlie Bunker and beat the Nihilism of a Fight Club. 

-Senior Editor S.


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