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James Damore

It’s a sad, sad day for society when a former Google software engineer is being pioneered as a defender of basic Constitutional rights. His story should never have made headlines at all – his story never should have happened. James Damore should still be a tech employee you’ve never heard of before, and the fact that he’s become a sort of folk hero says a lot about our current political climate and the war on free speech.

You might know him as ‘the Google memo guy’ if the name doesn’t ring a bell – Damore used science and logic in writing a memo that countered Google’s new diversity inclusivity initiatives, and was subsequently fired. The memo claimed that maybe Google didn’t have a sexist hiring problem; that women by nature are less interested in becoming software engineers (the company is about 80% male, management is about 75% male, according to The data he cited was all considered scientifically accurate by most scientists. And still, the company chose to make an example out of him and let him go for his views.

Since the incident, Damore has gone on to do the podcast circuit (Rogan, Rubin et al) and become a vocal proponent of free speech. Note in the picture below that he looks like a tech employee you’ve never heard of before, and not a sort of folk hero.

-Senior Editor A.


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