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Joe Rogan

We like Joe Rogan for the most part, and at the very least really we want to like Joe Rogan. He does his duty to the world of proper discourse with the candidates he brings on his show, and the sheer amount of time he dedicates to getting inside their brains.

Recently Mr Rogan’s voice has been corroded as by what assumes to be fear of the Hollywood mob. The smog seeped in. When the Big Mother arrested, charged, and imprisoned Tommy Robinson, Rogan said nothing. Rogan claimed ignorance to the whole situation when asked.

His ‘whatever’ attitude is frightening diversion from his past defences of literally. The same weak attitude is applied to Alex Jones when he was brought down by the PC inquisitors across Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter. We need strong people to point out the extreme bias of the hate speech laws or we could be vulnerable to a movement not unlike the Cultural Revolution. This is a road that has been followed.

He failed, he failed hard recently. Still in L.A. he is a voice of higher reason and masculinity this is often vacant in our culture of Homer Simpson retard Dads. These last few weeks show a man weakening and we hope to see his strength be built back up again. 

-Senior Editor S.


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