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Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is cold hard truth. Truth at times is painful. I’m not saying he should be followed as a god but he speaks what he knows to be the truth at all times – and much to the chagrin of the young Left, he’s right about almost everything, and corrects himself when he isn’t. It is also worth noting that there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of Dr Peterson’s lectures on YouTube and never has anyone pulled out of them a moment of racism, sexism, or homophobia by any sane person’s definition. His thinking is clear and thoughtful and even open to argumentation. This is immediately apparent in his several appearances on Joe Rogan’s podcast. God knows if there was it would be on your newsfeed every day.

Those that hate Jordan Peterson are disturbed either by being foolish enough to believe that he is any of the usual words thrown at any non-commie thinker, or they are coddled enough to think that he is the one that is conjuring up uncomfortable facts. He searches for truths found by our forefathers instead of believing in nothing Lebowski.

-Senior Editor S.



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