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Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist. If feminism ran with Margaret Atwood’s definition of a feminist hero being a woman being a hero, then I await her upcoming Novel Entitled “Southern”.

Lauren’s courage shows no bounds. She once set up shop in the British, frankly, Muslim town of Leeds and stood behind a desk reading “Allah’s Gay” and such diverse words. The police came by and made her take it down.  She is now banned from Britain. Banned from the same crown that arrested Tommy Robertson. The same crown that Milton and Orwell lived under.

She pointed out implemented islamic blasphemy laws in the UK (notice that when Vice said the same thing about Jesus no one gave a shit). I know many people were started down the red pill road from her reporting on the insane backlash to Jordan Peterson, where they saw themselves reflected in these empty headed green haired spastics. It was that day we realized our rooms needed to be cleaned.

Such is her duty, the young, beautiful shit stirrer.

-Senior Editor S.


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