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Lindsey Shepard

Lindsey Shepard is like the poor little sister of the movement. She lost her job teaching at Laurier University for bringing up the pronoun debate in a English classroom she was briefly running. She didn’t want to strawman Jordan Peterson’s side of the issue and showed a clip of him speaking and a lively and constructive debate followed. This, as we all know, is against the church. Within a week she was brought up in front of the Inquisition. Like James Damore, the Google software engineer let go over a scientifically found memo about gender differences, she has since become yet another symbol of the resistance.

Lindsey Shepard is a realization that when ‘Social Justice’ rears it’s true head, heros turn away to the light.

Let’s hope that the whole culture doesn’t have to undergo the same process Miss Shepard did to reach the same conclusion.

-Senior Editor S. 


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