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Maajid Nawaz

Mr. Nawaz is a really good guy. That is almost immediately apparent. He is also a Muslim apologist. 

Born and raised in England, he was swept up into Muslim extremism (ideologically, not violently) as a young man. He is now reformed and is a very liberal man who fights for the voice of the liberal Muslim (slight) majority. He dreams to reform the Islamic faith, move it away from Jihad.

He dreams he can reform Islam into a peaceful Religion, he wishes it can be a peaceful religion because it is clearly not. He makes the Greylist and not the Whitelist because we don’t share his optimism that Islam can be reformed, considering that Mohammad (Praise Be Unto Him) himself completely DESICCATED four Jewish tribes (rape and murder). It seems impossible. There may have been slaughters done in the name of Buddha, but we know that he would not have approved of the religious warfare. Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him).   

But hey! As his fellow Brit, Winston Churchill once said, “lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for”.

-Senior Editor S.


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