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What we look to bring forward with our zine is a different set of ideas and values then what is seen on the Vancouver scene today. We are an independent libertarian-conservative publication.

What has brought us to such ideas and values? Mostly critical thinking. Will this zine be a backlash against the fear-mongered state of the baby-padded culture that we now live under? Orwell himself talked about if he was in more of a peaceful age he would have written “ornate, descriptive” work.

Today is not a peaceful time. Many factors have led us into a weak, decadent period where nothing is grounded and everything is wrong and/or offensive if it’s not blatantly Marxist (a philosophy which has led to over one hundred million dead in the last hundred years, and continues to starve Venezuelans).

What do we want?

Liberty and a good laugh!

Should you take us seriously?

Of course.

We are your Queen.

We are also –

PRO – Hope, Divinity, Religion, the Western world, Homosexuality, guns, Israel, Meritocracy, First Wave Feminism, Motherhood, and having a good relationship with your Father

ANTI – Racism, Nazism, trigger warnings, the welfare state, second and third wave feminism, Antifa, the Alt-Right, Marvel films

-Senior Editors A. and S. 


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